Make Negative Search Results Disappear


It is entirely possible to make these negative search results disappear. It’s not an act of magic, but a tried and true technique that has helped thousands of businesses clear up their reputations online, correct inaccuracies and project a positive image of themselves. We’re skilled at removing attacks, rumors, distortions and inappropriate slanders against companies online.


Effective Search Techniques

The first step is to find these negative sites. To do this, we use the most up-to-date search methods and tools. Our expertise helps us to identify keywords and phrases that will lead us to these sites.


Removal Of Undesirable Information

We have a wide range of techniques for getting them removed, all of which are quick and effective. Years of experience have taught us methods that work to get this negative information buried.


Replacement With Positive Information

We go one step even further and replace the negative reviews with positive ones. We employ several methods which provide truthful, real positive information about your company or profile. Nothing is falsified or untrue. We’ll provide you with real press that will not look forced, suspicious or self-promoting.


Ongoing Monitoring

Because new posts can appear at any time, we’ll keep an eye on what’s being said about your company and make sure your reputation stays clean and accurate.


In the situations where you would like an extra layer of protection we will help you protect your image with our proprietary branding and PR campaigns that have been tested and proven to work year in and year out because we properly follow Googles terms of service for web search results. Our online reputation management team may run into the rare case where we are unable to completely remove the unwanted search results and you will want it pushed down in the search index. After a decade of proving that we are the number one reputation management firm you can know with confidence that you are in great hands working with our team.


Be proactive — Most companies that hire a reputation management company do so only after they notice negative information about themselves on the first page of Google SERPs, meaning they fail to act on time. The visible negative press tends to have a negative effect on such business, causing them to lose customers as well as revenue.


Even worse, it can take a considerably long time to repair damaged online reputation. For this reason, you should always stay on top of your online reputation to ensure negative content about your business does not outrank the positive content.


More specifically, you should develop a proactive online management strategy to help your help content rank higher in SERPs and at the same time, suppress any negative content about your business. In particular, you should ensure no negative content about your brand appears in the first two pages of SERPs. This is particularly important because research indicates that the first two pages of Google’s SERPs get more than 95% of search traffic, with the first page getting more than 90% of the traffic.


Own your brand’s social media accounts — Social media is one of the key elements of online reputation management. For this reason, you should set up your social media accounts on all the popular social media platforms including Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. You should do this even if you no plans of using the accounts regularly. If you fail to do that, somebody else could claim your brand name on these accounts and use them to ruin your online reputation. T


hat said, all your social media profiles and pages should contain all the necessary information about your business, including contact details and operations. Additionally, you should incorporate the relevant keywords in your social media profiles for SEO purposes. Once you set up your accounts on these social medial platforms, link all your social profiles together. More specifically, your YouTube “About” page should link to all your social pages as well as to your main website.


Own multiple domains — In addition to your main domain, buy additional domain that are either similar to your main domain or represent your service/product offerings. Of course, you would need to know what keyword phrases online consumers use to search for your products/services online before you buy domains that represent your product/service offerings. Once your buy the additional domains, use them to create simple websites and optimize them so that they rank high in SERPs. These sites should include all the core information about your brand as well as links to your main site and social media pages.


Track your online reputation — Tracking your online reputation is one of the most important aspects of online reputation managements. Fortunately, you can use reputation monitoring tools and services, such as Google Alerts, to monitor your online reputation constantly with ease, allowing you to respond to any negative content about your business quickly. Once you set up your Google Alerts account, Google would send you an email any time information about your business appears online on a website that is scanned by Google. In addition to Google Alerts, Google also offers another free tool called “Me on the Web” that you can also use to track your online reputation. Other online reputation management services that you can use include Brandwatch, BrandEye, KnowEm and Image Raider. It is worth noting that some of these services, such as Brandwatch, only cover social media monitoring.


Online reputation management is a process wherein digital marketing experts create a positive outlook of a certain brand, product, or service using modern marketing techniques, and strive to preserve it for a brand audience. Building a robust quality and trust wall, digital marketing experts are able to leverage greater traffic towards websites or webpages, and based on client feedback, press releases, SEO, etc. generate a positive online reputation for a specific brand.


Facts about online reputation management:


95% of Prospects who encounter negative results within  5 seconds of a search, will not look further

Over 70% of Americans will look at product reviews before making any purchase

Conversion rates increase by more than 60% where positive reviews are present

Online reputation and social proof has the biggest impact on customer decision-making

Having negative press stick to Google search results is harmful to your  conversion rates and revenue


Fixing and maintaining this aspect is crucial to succeed in today’s digital world

Spending money on advertising while ignoring bad reviews is a major waste of ad dollars


How we achieve outstanding results:


By removing or replacing inaccurate and harmful information with accurate and positive content, we turn the tide in your favor. We leverage a data-driven approach, years of successful media relations and industry-leading search specialists. We also administer take-down requests and legal notifications where appropriate. Each case is unique: our cross-sector experience allow us to produce only the best results for our clients. Without elaborating on our entire game plan, we can confidently state that our customers get results!