If you find complaints about you or your business on one of the below websites and are interested in removing them from Google and other search engines, please contact us for a quick and effective solution. We’ve helped thousands of businesses get consumer complaints off of the sites below and deleted from Google.


Ripoff Report

Ripoff Report was established in 1999 by Ed Magedson (founder of the Bad Business Bureau), and has since become one of the most popular consumer advocacy websites online. The site gives anyone the opportunity to post their business or personal complaints free of charge, while also offering helpful tips and advice on how to avoid online scams.

The site’s “Consumer Resources” section teaches consumers how to protect their identity and steer clear of various types of fraud, including illegal telemarketing, unfair credit card/loan offers, fake government grant soliciting, fraudulent business/investment opportunities, phony sweepstakes, cell phone auto-rebill schemes, insurance ripoffs, and other miscellaneous scams. Reports posted on RipoffReport tend to rank extremely high and can be very damaging for a person or companies reputation. We offer detailed information on RipoffReport.com and how to remove RipoffReport from search results.

Complaints Board

ComplaintsBoard.com is a rival to RipoffReport.com, and was once the target of a RipoffReport lawsuit. This website is a comprehensive consumer advocacy site complete with consumer complaints, news and stories, tips and tricks, and the latest recall lists.

The site is also home to a number of independent watchdog groups that regularly post reports, photos, and videos about negative business experiences in specific industries/niches. Members can also start their own groups if they want to. After a complaint is submitted, other members on the site have the opportunity to rate the quality/truthfulness of the post, resulting in a percentage rating that indicates the reliability of the report.

Consumers can search the site based on a variety of criteria, including company/individual names, or browse through a plethora of neatly organized categories in the right sidebar. Posts on Complaintsboard.com have a high rate of proliferation. Once a complaint is filled on the site, it may be picked up by a dozen or so other scrapper websites. Unlike other consumer advocacy websites, ComplaintsBoard.com lets members update their posts. This feature gives business owners the opportunity to have their reputations restored after successfully resolving a customer complaint.

We have developed a ComplaintsBoard.com removal solution for business owners and individuals who have been slandered on the site. Site members can receive regular updates by connecting their Yahoo!, Twitter, Google, or LinkedIn accounts to their ComplaintsBoard.com account. Aside from the input offered by community members, the site also publishes its own news stories about business events and occurrences that may interest consumers. Other notable features include a “Suspicious Companies” list, and a “Thank You” Email section.

ScamExposure.com / ScamInformer.com

ScamInformer.com is an online consumer advocacy platform that gives consumers and business owners a venue in which they can openly voice their opinions and experiences. Registering for an account is a simple process that can be completed in less than one minute, and users can post complaints with complete anonymity, displaying nothing but their chosen username. Visitors can search for existing complaints on companies and individuals using the proprietary site-wide search engine, or browse through recent complaints in specific industries to determine which companies they’d like to avoid. After a complaint is posted to the site it is immediately placed on the “Newest Reports” list, which headlines the homepage. Recently updated reports are posted on the right side of the homepage, making them rank extremely high in the search engines. We have developed a complete strategy for removing posts on ScamInformer. ScamInformer is protected from lawsuits by its terms and conditions, which give the site operators complete immunity to legal action under the protection of the CDA. Since the site cannot control all of the content its members post, there is no guaranteed way to verify the validity of complaints. If you or your company is the victim of a false complaint, contact us and we can help.


Pissed Consumer is a robust consumer advocacy website that features product/service reviews and complaints. Honorable mentions of the site have been featured in news stories posted by well-known publishers like CNN Money, ABC 7 News, New York Times, CBS MoneyWatch, and MSNBC.

Registering to become a member is quick and easy, and complaints are submitted in the form of written reports, which may or may not be accompanied by photos and/or videos. Each complaint on Pissed Consumer creates a subdomain for the keywords used in the title, thus making the complaints rank extremely high. If you are having problems with a PissedConsumer.com complaint we can help remove it from the search engines.


Scam.com is a busy consumer advocacy and political forum with tens of thousands of posts and thousands of active members. Although most of the posts pertain to Internet scams and political issues, there are more than two-dozen subsections, including sections devoted to investment scams, religious scams, and even corporate fraud. The forum has a basic interface similar to that of other message boards, so becoming familiar with site navigation is quick and easy. After registering, members can post complaints in the form of a thread. Other members can then add their input, and business owners/individuals are free to defend themselves from slander by responding to the thread with their own posts. Because of the extensive number of categories, Scam.com is easily the most comprehensive consumer advocacy forum online.


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