How to Remove Bankruptcy Records from Google ? 


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Do old court cases show up when you search your name online?  Below you'll find legal research websites for which we have identified proven solutions to get public court records removed off.


Let what follows serve as a guide to removing old court case records and other legal documentation from search engines like Google and Bing.


Start Getting Public Court Opinions, Dockets and Legal Records Taken Off the Internet Today


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Because the Terms and Conditions of each court case research website are different, how one can go about having court cases removed from these websites and deleted off search engine results depends on which legal record websites the court .case has been picked up by and published on.


If you are looking to delete public court records from the internet, the information provided here will get you started off on the right foot.  Below are general tips to remove public court records and other content from legal research and public record websites.  


Following these general public court record removal instructions, you'll find links to help you with particular public record sites that are notoriously problematic for individuals and businesses concerned with keeping a clean brand image online.


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Whether it's one of the websites mentioned above or a different publisher of court case records, there are measures that can be taken to get these records taken down.  Contact us using the form above to start removing unwanted information from from the internet today or ask a question about removing your public court records from the websites below.



Atlas Public Records

Atlas Public Records is a notoriously difficult website to deal with. It's been around for years and has published hundreds of thousands of public records taken from Court Cases around the U.S. Because the court records published by Atlas Public Records are in the public domain the website is not legally obligated to remove most mugshots upon request. One of the best options available to remove your information from AtlasPublicRecords com is to reach out to a third-party content removal service provider that has a relationship with the website that allows for removal. Complete the form above or click here to remove your name from Atlas Public Records. is a Federal Court Research resource that allows professionals to conduct advanced case searches, monitor federal court proceedings and subscribe to court case update emails.  If you want to remove a case from PacerMonitor fill out the form above to talk to a company that specializes in removing unwanted public records from sites like  Find out how you can get professional help removing content from PacerMonitor here. is a court record research website proceedings intended to aid non-lawyers with legal research.  Click here to find solutions to have court cases on removed from web searches.

FindLaw is a huge legal website and attorney directory with over 15,000,000 results on the Google Search index.  The website is home to hundreds of thousands of civil and criminal court case records.  If your information appears on and you want to have it removed just fill out the form above to get started.




JuralIndex is public records search website that allows users to perform advanced case research on people and companies by searching nationwide legal judgements, tax liens, lawsuit records, eviction records, divorce records, family records and other public case records.

Leagle Inc. is a leading provider of United States court opinions.  It serves as a resource used by legal professionals to research court cases.  With over 4 million web pages being indexed on Google Search, is one of the largest court case databases on the web.

Law360 is a legal news and court case research site that publishes dockets, judgments, alerts, and commentary on court cases and legal events around the world.  You can learn how to handle mentions of your name, public court records and private information on here. is home to over 2.5 million web pages on legal research, court cases, dockets, and opinions. The website's aim is to give individuals the tools needed to research court cases and see they're impacted by state and federal laws. exposes fraudulent SEC Registered Investment Advisors and reports on other activities in investment advising.


Open-Public-Records is a public record search site that publishes criminal records, court records, birth records, information on elected officials, and public health records.  Learn more here.

Justia is a publisher of case law and litigation records intended to be used by lawyers.  While these reports may come in handy for practicing attorneys, they can ruin the reputations of those involved in the court cases Justia publishes online. You can get help removing a case from Justia here.


DocketAlarm com

Docket Alarm is another popular court case research tool available to the public and legal professionals.  To get a court case with your business or personal information removed from make complete the Docket Alarm Removal Request form here.

Launched in 2014 by a patent litigator and software developer, is a legal research website used by some of the nation's largest business law firms.

Publishing state and federal court cases from across the United States, has quickly become a problematic website for the tens of thousands of people whose personal information has been exposed by the site.  Find out if you can get your name and personal information removed from here.

As a leading divorce records database and search tool, has published tens of thousands of public legal records from U.S. divorce proceeding. To get help getting your personal information off DivorceRecords org, complete the submission form above.

PublicRecords360 is a subscription based public records search website that provides its subscribers with access to a wealth of publicly available government records. is a free, non-profit run, legal search website that provides unlimited access to a handful of free legal research tools.'s legal record database is home to hundreds of thousands of court case opinions and legal documents. is home to thousands of bankruptcy records from across the United States and is a leading source for Bankruptcy news.

Bankrupt Report is one of the web's leading sources on personal and business bankruptcy filings in the United States.  If you need help removing your name from a report on fill out the form above to talk to a public legal records removal specialist. reports on the latest Chapter 11 bankruptcy court cases in the United States. The website is home to hundreds of thousands of Chapter 11 bankruptcy records.

UniCourt aims to make federal and State court records more accessible to the general public. However, in doing so the legal research website damages the online reputations of many innocent individuals in the United States. Complete the submission form above to learn how you can have UniCourt court case records removed from Google Search