Full Permanent Suppression of Negative Information from the Web and from all social media sites like Facebook,Twitter and Instagram. 

How to permanently remove negative articles from the Internet?


There are a few proven ways to achieve it, on both cases you need to follow

the right legal steps, otherwise, the chances for a takedown of bad press from

the Internet will be minimized.

So how can you erase forever the negative posts about you and your firm from the Web? First of all the best option is to remove it directly from the source, it means from the news website that published them. 

The very first step is to contact the website’s owners, publishers, editors, reporters, and whoever is involved and ask them in a polite way to remove the negative content from their website. This personal approach sometimes works, especially if you explain why you must get it removed. 

Let’s now assume that their reply is negative, so now what is the next step? Start to put unlimited pressure on this website. Taking massive legal steps against them is the move to take. Prepare multi-million dollar defamation lawsuits against the website’s owners. We call it legal intimidation.


They need to understand that they may have something to lose if they will not remove the fake news they published about you. No matter if is real or fake news, you need to specify that this is pure online defamation and they will be held fully responsible for the damage caused. 

Sometimes the news websites, especially the medium and small ones will remove the article because they really do not want to start appearing in court and try to convince the judges that it is not defamation and that the fact presented in the article are indeed real and not based on some fake news.


Another extremely effective way is to hire an online investigator and ask him to find out all the possible dirt that he can find online and offline about the owners of the website, the reporters, the publishers, and editors.


Then you can show them the negative information you found about them and tell them that you are going to publish it on a special blog dedicated to the “case”. Is it called threatening? You can let them call it also extortion, who really cares? They have to understand that you are going to destroy them online, and will never, ever stop until they will remove the negative information about you. 

If they have the legal right to publish information about you, it means that you have the same legal right to publish anything you want about them, as long as it is a proven fact and not something that you invented. 

For example try to find out if someone of their team has been once arrested,

even for minor charges such a DUI.

In case you do not find any dirt about them, try to find out who are their family members and look after negative information connected to them.


Almost anyone has some skeletons in the closet that don’t want people to know about.  Attack these website’s owners with the same weapons they use:

negative online news publishing. 

We are experts in negative online public relations

and we can guarantee you that it works always. 

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