How to Remove Arrest Records and Criminal Cases from Google?



A criminal record can cause you huge difficulties and damage forever your online reputation, whether you’re trying to get a new job or rent a new apartment. This can be even more frustrating if the only blemish on your record is an arrest that didn’t lead to a conviction. In all but five states, you can get that arrest expunged from your record, which means the arrest is erased or eliminated from your record. But does it mean that you will see no trace of your legal problems on Google?


Not at all! If you will not take care of the negative search results, your arrest case will show up on page one of Google forever.



In many states, you can have an arrest expunged even if you were convicted of a crime, provided you’ve met all the qualifications. Determine what options for expungement are available in your state. Not all states allow criminal records to be expunged, and those that do may only allow it in specific instances.

You must follow the expungement rules and procedures of the state where you were arrested, even if you are a resident of another state.



Getting an expungement is the first step in order to remove successfully your criminal history from google.


This step will not remove automatically the negative search results. You will have to contact each and every website and ask them to remove the negative webpages.



Some states allow for “sealing” rather than “expungement” specifically. If a criminal record is sealed, it’s hidden from the general public but still exists on your record as a whole. Sealed records can be unsealed in some instances. Expungement removes the record entirely, and cannot be undone.



No matter what, online mugshots will not be removed so easily even if you are sealing or getting expunged, because there are a lot of mugshot websites that are not operated by authorities.Anyway, find out what crimes are covered. Some states such as Colorado allow expungement of many types of crimes, while others such as Wyoming prohibit any expungement at all.


This is an essential step towards cleaning up your google search results. 



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Generally, it is quicker and easier to get an arrest record expunged if the charges were dismissed and you were not convicted of a crime. The main problem is that if the case has been reported by the press and there are some online news articles already published, even if the charges have been dismissed, the article is already under your Google search results and the news websites will not remove it. Many states do not allow the expungement of a conviction for a sexual offense and do not allow expungement at all for registered sex offenders.  




Are you a registered sex offender?


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In most states, expungement is available only for first-time misdemeanors and non-violent felonies. An arrest for a serious, violent felony often cannot be expunged even if your arrest did not lead to conviction. So in this case, your arrest records will be always followed by some news articles about your crime and therefore advanced reputation repair technologies must be applied in order to remove all negative search results related to your criminal news. deals with all types of criminal records, including heavy crime cases. 



Remember that expungement laws differ and there's no universal process, getting an expungement can help you accomplish things you might have found difficult with an arrest on your record.



Most states allow you to deny you were ever arrested or charged with a crime if you're asked on a basic job or school application. If you apply to rent an apartment, the arrest won't show up, which means landlords will be more likely to rent to you and might charge you less of a security deposit. If a single arrest is your only brush with the law, the expungement of that arrest gives you a blemish-free criminal record for most purposes.


Decide whether you would benefit from expungement. Depending on your goals for getting an expungement, the process may be more trouble than it’s worth.



For example, in California, an expungement does not remove the conviction from your criminal history, seal the court case file, reinstate your right to possess firearms, allow you to omit the conviction from some employment applications, or allow you to run for public office.


All the above mentioned is excellent, but this does not mean that it will clean up your bad online reputation. The negative public relations you suffer from, due to the negative information that can be found online about you, will not disappear automatically upon the receipt of your expungement. You will have to take care of each and every negative search result, by contacting the websites and stipulate a removal. 



Before you begin the process of requesting expungement, make sure that in your state you can use expungement to get the benefit you seek. For example, suppose you were convicted of theft. If you want to be able to answer “no” when a potential employer asks if you’ve ever been convicted of a crime, it may not be worth it to you if your state doesn’t allow you to deny an expunged conviction.


Forty states allow expungement of arrests that didn’t lead to a conviction, but 11 of those states don’t permit you to deny the arrest if asked on employment or rental application if you’ve ever been arrested.


By the way, denying your past arrests is not always advisable because anyway, the employer will search your past on Google and will find the negative information.



All but three of the 16 states that allow expungement of convictions also allow you to deny the conviction if asked. Law enforcement agencies and courts still have access to expunged arrests and may use the information when investigating a crime. So that you are always under some kind of danger, even if you clean up completely your online reputation and removed all the negative search results.




If you’re convicted of another crime after having a prior conviction expunged, the expunged conviction may still be used in sentencing. For example, although you have your DUI conviction expunged, if you are convicted of DUI again it would be treated as your second conviction.

Generally, if you’re applying for a professional license or a job in law enforcement, you still have to disclose any criminal records you’ve had expunged.



Make sure of this: Successfully complete all probation or diversion programs. If you were convicted of a crime, you must finish everything the judge ordered, including paying any fines or restitution, before you apply to have your record expunged.  Stay clean on your duties. Do not take any additional risks, do whatever is needed by the law. 



This is a must because you really need to make the efforts to fix your online reputation and remove all the negative search results concerning your arrests, so the minimum you can do is to comply with the regulations that the law is asking you to follow. 



Diversion programs often are available for first-time offenders charged with minor crimes. The program typically lasts from six months to a year and can include drug or alcohol abuse counseling and rehabilitation, community service, and paying fines or restitution to any victims. Those programs are excellent because it gives you much more credit in the long term. 



If you received a suspended sentence and were put on probation, you typically must complete your entire probation term without a single violation or incident to be eligible for expungement. This is the perfect period you should use in order to create a new positive online reputation and we, at are experts in this field of generating new positive reputations that will push forward your career.  


For example, a college student convicted of drug possession might be given 90 days probation and ordered to pay a fine. Provided he reports to his probation officer, fulfills all the conditions of his probation, has no further brushes with the law, and pays his fine in full, he could possibly get that conviction expunged. 


College students, beware of this.


Do not play with your future, remember that nobody will hire you if they will learn about your past convictions.


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Wait the required time after arrest. The waiting period after an arrest or conviction before you can file to have the record expunged depends on several factors including your age and the severity of the crime.

In some states, you only get one or two opportunities to expunge an arrest record, regardless of whether you were convicted of any crime.


The waiting period doesn’t begin until after all sentences have been completed, including probation, and any fines have been paid. During this period you must start your online reputation repair campaign. This is the right time to fill up the first pages of your Google search results with hundreds of positive search results that will bury permanently all the existing arrest records. 



In many states, you must gather information about the record you want to be expunged, including documents such as the certified disposition of the charge, the arrest record, the arrest warrant, and proof that you completed any court-ordered probation or diversion programs. The documents you need typically are available at the police precinct where you were arrested, or the court where your case was heard.

You probably will have to pay fees for certified copies of these documents.



Take into consideration that your arrest records, court records, police records, and court judgments can be permanently removed from Google. The secret is to make the right steps and be very patient because it is a very long process. A lot of time, money and efforts are invested, but it will create for you a brighter future.