Have you been arrested and this fact has been reported by online news websites? Okay , so now your online reputation has been obviously damaged in a severe way . 


What is the next step to take? Of course the first question you may ask is “ how to remove negative online articles about my arrests? “.  


Is it possible to remove articles from Google? Of course it is possible and actually, there are dozens of legal solutions that are available. 


You do not have to compromise with this awful situation and you better clean up all the mess before it will be too late and people will start to read and share the negative information about you. 


Articles about the fact that you have been arrested are always backed by police records, online mugshots, court records and even prison records. 


And of course, you need to get rid of everything in order to clear your name.  Webcide.com provides a full set of professional services for eliminating all the above mentioned information and data from Google Search Results. 


Usually people think that the bad online reputation can be “managed’ by using classical online reputation management tools. 


Please make no mistakes about it, the old methods of search engine optimization are not working when dealing with negative search results.


The reason is one: Google is in love with negative news. They will always prefer to rank on top the negative news about you, no matter what. 


You can have 100 webpages speaking about the most positive things on earth, but Google will rank first of all the few negative news available about you. 


Negative articles about your arrests and cases must be removed permanently, there are no shortcuts for this problem. 


You have to eradicate the problem from its source. 


Articles are shareable, this is the major problem and people likes to share the bad news about you with all their friends and family, especially with your friends. 


Articles and Blogs speaking about your arrests and legal case, can be removed in several ways and all solutions are permanent.   


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