Webcide.com is the only company that specializes in permanently deleting negative online content, including negative news articles. Other companies only suppress online content, while we completely delete it from the Internet, directly from the source. Don’t hide it, take it down permanently, with Webcide.com.



We can erase or remove negative content from a number of news websites. When we can accomplish this, it means that the negative content will be removed completely and will no longer appear on the website,

or in search engines.


Webcide.com Mission is to protect and defend those who have been negatively impacted online by negative news articles, restore their confidence and online reputation while maintaining the

highest technology standards of values and ethics.


Webcide.com Vision is to be the world leader in online reputation repair strategy, by employing advanced reputation management solutions while embracing the highest standards of professionalism,

needed to help businesses and individuals regain their good online reputation.


Webcide.com Values are to:


Operate in the most professional way – We honor a belief that everyone needs to be treated respectfully,

no matter what his background is. 


Promote Disruptive Innovation – We are experts in developing new digital strategies and

reputation management technologies


Full Confidentiality– We protect our client’s confidentiality.


We can help you with the permanent removal of the following reputation risk issues:



Legal Information about arrests 

Defamatory Content related to arrest records and criminal charges

Negative Media Articles

Negative Blog Articles

Bad Publicity

Photos & Video of your arrests

Social Media posts about your criminal case


One of the biggest fears that people and companies have is that their name will be slandered from negative results when using a search engine. Negative links have the potential to extremely impact a person’s day to day life,

or worse, their professional goals. It can affect their chances at landing jobs, receiving loans,

or getting new clients for their business.


In a 2018 survey, 86% of consumers stated they will read reviews for local businesses prior to making their purchasing decision. This means that negative content can potentially deter nine out of ten customers before you even have the chance to secure their business.


At webcide.com, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance and with our link removal service,

that second chance is now an option for your online reputation.


Webcide.com is the only company that specializes in permanently deleting negative online content. Other companies only suppress online content, while we completely delete. Don’t hide it, delete it, with Webcide.com. We offer all our clients a no-money-up-front guarantee.


Combating negative content is often the focus of many of our clients. It can be that a single post is having a large impact on public perceptions of your company, as well as on your sales.


While removing the negative content can be beneficial, another way to address the problem is to focus on PR. PR, or Public Relations, is a way to promote your company to the public in a positive light.


Quite often negative content has a higher impact when there is no other side to the story. By promoting your company to major publications, and getting the word out to local and online media sources,

you can change the way your company is viewed.


Everybody makes mistakes, it is unfortunately just a fact of life. However, no one wants their mistake to define them for the rest of their lives. With the ubiquity of the internet, a lapse in judgment now has the potential to last significantly longer and influence your future endeavors.


Prior to the development of the internet and the prevalence of social media platforms, shortcomings and poor judgment did not have such dire permanent effects on our reputation. However, due to the popularity of the internet, and how readily available information is, negative links will remain relevant for extended periods.


At Webcide.com, we understand that mistakes happen, and no one should have a bad moment to define who they are, which is why we are proud to offer our link removal service.


Contact us for a free and confidential consultation at info@webcide.com