How to remove an article from Google Search

How to remove an article from Google Search


Removing articles from your Google search results , it’s easier than you think .  


First of all if you are a European citizen , or you are an official resident of the European Union , you can apply to Google , using the EU privacy law “ the right to be forgotten “ for removing your article from Google search results .


Not all articles can be removed using this law , for example if the articles are dealing about heavy criminal charges , they are not covered by this removal law .  

Suppressing negative articles is almost impossible , for one simple reason :  Google will always place negative information on page one . At least one search result or even two , are dedicated to negative content . 


So whatever search engine optimization methods you are trying to use , it will not help you . Maybe , on a temporary basis , the article may be pushed down to page two , for a while , but make no mistakes about it , it will surface back on page one of google within a short period of time .


Online reputation management is an excellent thing to do , only if you have now a clean reputation .  But if your reputation is already damaged , the only thing do now is to remove as soon as possible the negative information that has been published about you .  Then after it has been removed , free yourself  and start to manage in a correct way , your online reputation . Cyber Team , is the world’s leader in negative information removal , from the Internet .  We remove permanently negative articles and blogs for  high worth individuals , CEOs of financial corporations ,  actors , VIPs and more . 


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