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How to Remove A Post From

If your online reputation issue extends beyond our areas of expertise, we will work in tandem with our strategic partners to ensure you are working with true experts that have helped hundreds, if not thousands of people with your specific online reputation issue. Every law firm and company we work with has a proven track record of success in their specialization (I.e Defamation law, Intellectual Property Right law, Mediation, Personal Branding/Search Engine Suppression, etc.).


If you or your company are suffering from damaging information online that is harming you personally or professionally, know that you do have options. Even in the event that removal is not a viable option, there are still a myriad of strategies in place that can help diminish the visibility of negative content online.


Furthermore, it is important to note that removal of damaging content is typically just one aspect of a more comprehensive service offering. We work with many individuals and companies (from SMB’s to Fortune 500’s) to put a holistic long-term online reputation management strategy in place that not only restores their online reputation, but also helps build, monitor, and protect it.


In this age of the internet, a vast segment of our lives are filtered through search engines like Google.


Unfortunately for us, Google has morphed into an unregulated background aggregator, one for which there is no due process. This is the reason major corporations retain our services to protect the online presentation of their brand, and now we offer the same level of protection to small business owners and consumers alike.​


Internet slander is a prevalent and potent issue these days; one that not only affects millions of users each year, but that also does serious, unwarranted damage to the reputations of countless individuals, professionals and businesses on a daily basis.

From cheater sites and blogs to review sites, comment sections, articles and more, there seems to be no end to the number of online venues or means people have to levy anonymous attacks on nearly anyone of their choosing.


Regardless of the site it’s on, the reason it’s posted or the person it’s posted by, online slander remains both a fast and easy way to tear down one’s online reputation and, in some cases, to tarnish it for good.


When left unchecked, a slanderous or libelous post can do irreparable harm to your reputation, attaching itself to your name, brand and organization for months, even years to come.


Here’s where things get tricky. You really only have four options if you want to get a news article removed from the internet:


  • Ask the website owner to remove it

  • File a defamation lawsuit

  • Ask Google to remove it if it violates their guidelines

  • Bury negative news articles in Google with ORM


However, proceed with caution if you plan to contact any websites. You should seek professional advisement before you reach out so you don’t make your situation worse. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:


  • Be courteous and polite

  • NEVER bully people with legal threats.

  • Understand that most website owners may not be sympathetic to your request — especially if the content drives traffic to their site.