Do you harmful content that you must remove as soon as possible from your Google search results ?  


Damaging search results can destroy your online reputation forever. 


The best solution is to get rid of all the damaging online content that can be found about you and your company. 


Most websites and major search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo! have polices in place for voluntarily removing content from webpages and search results if given an international court order declaring the content is indeed defamatory. 


Getting a court order requires filing an international lawsuit. Internet Defamation Lawyers are experienced in the area of online defamation and can properly advise as to the risks, costs, and other considerations. 


If a valid court order is obtained that declares clearly that the online content is 100% defamatory or should otherwise be removed, all search engines and websites typically remove the content within a week.  


International Court orders are used not only to force websites and search engines to remove content, but also to prevent new and similar content from continuing to be reposted and to obtain huge money compensation for the damages generated to the client. 


It is important to understand that every website and search engine has completely different requirements as to what constitutes a “valid” court order that is ready to accept . 


Court orders must be drafted to meet exactly the unique requirements of each and every case . 


Usually content is authored or posted by individuals who are anonymous or cannot be easily identified, so that court orders become a complicated legal process.  


In  such cases, getting a court order requires filing an international lawsuit. Depending on the state or country where the lawsuit is filed, investigative efforts must then be taken in order to disclose the real identity of the anonymous person that posted the negative information . 


Our experienced international attorneys and team of cyber security investigative experts are highly trained in locating people, organizations, and other defamers that attempt to hide their identity.


It is important to note that if a correct court order is not obtained, websites and search engines will deny removal requests. Therefore, it is a must to work with a top level law firm that has experience successfully obtaining international court orders .


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If you need to remove media articles and news websites from Google searches, then you will understand the threat that they pose to your online image and reputation.


Whether you are an aspiring business professional or the owner of an established small business, your online reputation can make or break you. Businesses and consumers are searching online to learn about your brand before deciding to work with you. Just as a positive online reputation can earn you more customers, a negative online reputation can deter them from purchasing your products or services. 


Many businesses are turning to online reputation management companies to maintain their positive reputations or repair negative ones. The best services employ a wide range of strategies to help your online image pique consumers' interest. Read on to learn about the best reputation management companies for individuals and small businesses, and then check out our guide for tips on how to choose a reputation management company for your brand.


When you “Google” your name or the name of your business, do you see embarrassing, hurtful or damaging content in the search results?

Do you feel these negative search results are turning away new customers?

Do you feel these negative search results are preventing you from obtaining employment?

Do you feel these negative search results are damaging your personal or professional reputation?


Want to remove news articles from search results?

Media articles generally rank very well because they are on high authority news websites, which appear in the news section of Google, as well as the top of page one for searches around your name, or business, or whatever the article is about.


I have some good news and some bad news for you!


THE BAD NEWS: Negative online reviews are going to hurt your business, big time!


Businesses risk losing as many as 22% of customers when just one negative article is found by users considering buying their product!


If 2 or 3 negative results pop up on the first page of SERP for your brand, you stand to lose 44-59% of customers.


Besides just those negative reviews, that disadvantageous story could be picked up by the local media. This can have a crippling effect, as trusted news sources tend to rank high in search engines.


You could be stuck in a downward spiral that’s not only damaging your reputation but destroying your entire business.


THE GOOD NEWS: Now for some good news, you can take control over your online reputation. Be proactive, influence what people are saying about you and manage what comes up in search results. Encourage happy customers to leave positive reviews and useful feedback, and minimize the online presence of harmful reviews and articles.


Now, let’s get down to business!


SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google use a rating system to determine the order of web pages appearing within its search engine results page for a given search phrase. This ranking system is a mathematical formula otherwise known as a “Search Engine Algorithm.” When you conduct a “Google” search for your name or your business’ name, the keyword phrase you used is matched against competing, relevant web pages. The search engine’s algorithm then determines which order those web pages will appear in the search engine results pages.


Clearly your online reputation matters, and you have to do everything in your power to control what comes up alongside your brand name.


Now let me show you how you can effectively manage your business reputation online.


1. Gauge your overall brand reputation

Before you set out to do anything, you should first audit your online reputation. You want to see what people are saying about you and what’s your brand image in the eyes of your customers.


This can be as simple as asking friends, customers, business partners, and other stakeholders how they feel and what they think about your brand.


The next step would be to do a simple Google search for your brand name and see what comes up.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a service in which an SEO Expert “optimizes” their clients’ web pages so that the clients’ web pages outrank other competing web pages. These SEO services can also be employed to “push down” negative web pages by boosting up positive web pages.


Building your online reputation means building a name for yourself. And to start, make sure you own your brand name.


If you want to be able to control your online reputation, you need to protect your name across popular platforms.


The last thing you want to happen is when people look up your name, someone else’s website or social profiles come up in the search results.


Media articles are generally one of the most difficult search results to delete, or remove permanently. For these reasons it is generally preferred to suppress and bury negative media articles in Google through advanced search engine optimisation techniques and a network of content marketing profiles that will allow you to disrupt the search results, and dominate SERP results page with content that you control and maintain.


In any industry, finding the right provider who can produce the desired results can be difficult and financially risky. Online Reputation Management and SEO companies are no different. There are 1,000s of self-proclaimed SEO Experts making it confusing and difficult for most people to make an informed purchase decision.


To make an informed decision, you should understand:


Search engine algorithms are updated 100s of times per year; and

the ranking factors that make up the search engine algorithm are kept a secret to prevent SEO Experts from manipulating the search engine algorithm.


Therefore, a highly capable and competent SEO Expert will be perpetually seeking breaking SEO news, analysis, and test results. An accomplished SEO Expert will also actively participate in credible and advanced SEO communities where crowd testing and analysis is routinely performed to determine the current and most impactful algorithmic ranking factors.


Also, qualified SEO Experts will regularly attend SEO seminars, webinars, and engage top SEO authorities at these events in order advance their SEO knowledge and skills.


It’s not just about your website and search engines. People also use social media to find new products and businesses.


To give you a bit of a perspective, 60% of people on Instagram say they discover new products on the platform, and 80% of people follow at least one business.


Also, your customers may already be talking about you on social media even if you’re not there. It pays dividends to be present and respond to users’ feedback on social networks. You better be there before you run into some issues.


So, register your name across all social networks your potential customers may be using. Even if you don’t have the time (or budget) to stay active on social media, it’s worthwhile owning those social profiles.


Because of their of widespread popularity, make sure you register for an account on:






and LinkedIn

At the very least, fill out your bio, add a profile picture and a cover image. That way you protect your brand from imposters and other wrongdoers.


Also, link out to your social profiles on your website. You can add social media icons in the header as well as the sitewide footer of your website.


Search Results Suppression

Search results suppression is one of the most effective tactics at removing and hiding news and media articles in search results.


Because news articles and media press releases are so effective at ranking at the top of page one for Google, it becomes a very important task to quickly disrupt the search results with new media articles, and a network of positive information that promotes you, and changes the online conversation and sentiment about you online.


Many search engines, business directories, review websites, complaint boards and social media websites offer a public forum in which an individual may leave a review and a star rating for a business. Unfortunately, many of these sites allow “anonymous” reviews to be posted leaving companies vulnerable to fraud, competitor attacks, and fake “anonymous” reviews designed to damage your company’s reputation and artificially diminish your company’s “star” rating.


A proficient and legitimate SEO Expert will be continuously “in touch” with the search rankings factors that matter today, tomorrow and in the future. By understanding these changes and quickly applying these changes to our clients’ web pages, these positive web pages become and remain a “priority” to the search engines and push down “negative” web pages naturally and ethically.


Hiding & Suppressing News Articles in Google

News and media articles generally have very high readership they are shared, and linked to very often. They have a lot of traffic because they’re frequently updated many times a day, they also appeal very well to Google’s search engine algorithms. So in order to suppress, delete, remove, or hide media news articles it is essential to quickly develop an aggressive network of information and go about changing the search results as quickly as possible.


Burying Negative Search Results Online

It is also common for news articles and media content to be syndicated by other news media websites, so this can sometimes muddy the waters and make deleting at the source, and removing them difficult. For these reasons again it is essential that a network of content management is quickly put in place in order to disrupt and start to take control of the negative search results caused by the media articles.


Another cornerstone strategy that our online reputation management services employ leverages the power of high authoritative websites. By applying our up-to-date SEO knowledge and techniques on highly authoritative websites, we can leverage the authority of these websites to push down “negative” web pages off the first page of a search engine’s results page.


At BeeSeen Solutions, we have successfully “pushed” disparaging web pages off Page 1 of search engine results pages by optimizing “positive” web content about our clients. Each of our reputation management strategies are safe, ethical and comply with each search engine’s terms of use and webmaster policies.

When was the last time you went out to buy something without checking out reviews first?


Can’t remember, can you!?

You’re not alone, most people won’t try new products or services without looking online for reviews.

With so much influence over people’s purchasing decisions, reviews are a vital part of your online reputation that you need to manage. This includes two major things:


Encourage people to leave positive reviews

Respond and neutralize negative reviews

But first, let’s have a look at some of the most influential review websites on the internet.