Is the removal of your criminal indictment’s news articles from Google search results even possible? 

It may not be feasible, but it is indeed possible because today there are many international privacy laws that gives the person the option to legally demand Google to remove negative search results.


If you think that it is an easy task, you are wrong. The entire legal process is based on obtaining international court orders that will force the websites that published the negative news and articles about your criminal indictment, to permanently remove the webpages from their websites and as a second stage, the same court order will force all the search engines to remove the negative search results.


This is a process that takes at least 3 months and the legal fees involved are quite high. It’s worked out on a contingency basis and you pay only and exclusively after the removals. 


The important thing to remember is that your google search results,

at the end of these procedures, becomes 100% clean . 


The removals are permanent and lifetime guaranteed . You can forget about your criminal charges and all the bad press connected to this event.


You can start a new life with a positive online image.


Criminal indictments cannot become your shadow for the rest of your life, this is not who you really are and you know it . 


It is your own right to get back to business, in the right way. You cannot pay for the rest of your lifetime, for a mistake done in the past.


Removing all negative mentioning about your case , will not be enough,

you will have to create a new reputation , a perfect one, that you will be proud of. 


Invent yourself from the beginning, we will help you do it in the most secure and professional way. Our Google Reputation engineers has executed it over and over again , in a successful way for thousands of clients, in the last year. 


This is what we do at helping people like you build a brilliant online reputation that will serve them in the future ,

by first cleaning up the online mess and then re-create a new image of yourself.


The one you really deserve.


Is it your legal right to start over again with a good reputation and as you know Google is your real business card to your next life. 



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