1. Create a website


  • Buy a domain name on your brand/business name.

  • Create a website and optimize it for your keyword which is affected by the negative result.

  • Optimize on page SEO and improve page load speed of your website.

  • Create backlinks (or hire someone) to improve ranking of the website alone.


2. Create social media profiles

  • Create social media profiles on your keyword.

  • Interlink all those social media profiles and pages.

  • Make sure that you are using one email to create all this new information.


3. Create web 2.0 blogs

  • Blogs such as medium, wordpress.com,blogger, Tulmbr and so on.

  • Optimize them for your keyword.

  • Create content on those web 2.0 blogs.

  • Don’t ever mention negative search result (that we want to push down) on any web 2.0 or social profile pages.


4. Write on High Authority Blogs

  • Find out top quality blogs and news websites which are related to your line of work.

  • Pitch them an article idea that you think you are really good at.

  • Get your articles published on your name. If you are also trying to rank your website get a backlink to your website from that article too.


5. Create Powerful Backlinks

  • When you have created positive content, it is time for you to start making them powerful.

  • Create links on high quality relevant websites and interlink your positive content.

  • This can improve your positive stories ranking in search results specially in Google.