Negative Public Relations Services

Penny Stocks Prices Manipulation
 generate profits to investors and shorters , by stimulating fear about a certain company , but this works only because the information spread is credible , accurate , verified and true . We base our negative campaigns only and exclusively on already published content , coming from top level financial sources and media websites .


If for example , there is a negative information , that has been already published online , by a leading financial media , its 100% legitimate to share this information , thousands of times , over thousands of websites , forum , blogs , articles , and more . A huge negative campaign like this , may damage , the price of a stock , quite easily .


In this case , you did not published any misleading information , you just shared a negative information already published by a verified source , and this is 100% legal .


Market manipulation is a deliberate attempt to interfere with the free and fair operation of the market and create artificial, false or misleading appearances with respect to the price of, or market for, a security, commodity or currency.


Market manipulation is prohibited in most countries .


Market manipulation can be also done in a legal way , respecting the current regulations . Stock Price of a company may be severely damaged by negative information being published online about the company .


As long as the information is indeed true , precise and accurate in its details , it can be shared and published . Especially if the negative information’s source it’s a reliable one , like the big financial media websites .


Its 100% legal to share and promote a negative article written of top level financial medias , about a company . If the negative campaigning is done in a professional way , it can create panic and deep worries about the future of the share’s prices , causing eventually a drastic reduction in stock prices of the company targeted .


It is much easier to manipulate the share price of smaller cap companies, such as penny stocks, using negative online PR , because its easier to create hundreds of negative search results about them .


As long as the information promoted is true , the campaign is legitimate and the investors has the right to know the current situation of the company .



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