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As the World’s leading guide to Online Reputation Management ,  mission is to teach people and companies how to manage their online reputation .   Today you are what Google says you are .  Your only reputation is your digital reputation and the story that search engines are telling about you .


Online reputation management is something you have to do by yourself , almost on a daily basis , and use professional services only in very difficult cases .   Managing your online reputation on a regular basis , its like brushing your teeth ,  you do not go to your dentist on a daily basis in order for him to brush your teeth , the same is true for your own digital reputation , you have to take care of it as much as you can .   


Your future is your reputation on the search engines , and without a good and clean one , you will not find a work , because nobody will hire you , you will not find a partner , nobody will want to join you , you will not be able to start a new business , and if you already have one , you will loose a lost of potential customers .


You are now what the internet says .  You have the chance to take your personal and business future in your hands and take full control over what people read about you online .


We are here to help you .  We will teach you everything you need to know , including all the professional secrets to a perfect online reputation repair and management .


You can learn to repair and manage by yourself , your online reputation , by visiting our Blog , read and watch our video lessons  that diclose the real secrets of top level professionals in the reputation management field .



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The Definition of Webcide


Wecide is composed from two words : Web ( Internet) and Cide .


Cide comes from the latin root "cid", which means "kill" or "annhilate"

Words you know that includes this root are :


Suicide , killing of self .

"sui" is a corrupted way of saying "self"


Genocide=killing of kind, race ,origin

Latin root "gen" means race


Homocide , killing of man.  

Latin root "homo" means "man"(Greek root might mean "same")


And then comes the name of your company Webcide , Killing of a man’s reputation online . Negative Public Relations