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Online Reputation Management Zombies - The New Digital Walking Deads.


Do you have negative reviews, complaints , articles, blogs about you on Google ?  Do you have a damaged online reputation ?


You are a digital Zombie - You are a walking dead .


You will loose all new potential clients , nobody will make business with you , they will not give you credit , they will not rent you an apartment , nobody will even date you if you are single !

You are what Google says you are And Google says that you are a negative person .


If you have a negative online reputation , you are a walking dead . 


You want to start living again , you have to clean up your online reputation .


Is it possible ?  Yes of course , it depends on how much Zombie you are …. How much online dirt covers your digital name …. How much negative information has been published about you .


If it’s a few negative webpages , if you successfully remove them , you are still on time , but in case there is too many negative content about you ….its better that you commit a digital suicide instead of becoming a walking dead .


By digital suicide we mean , change name, contact details, websites, company ,etc… become a new 'you' .


Each time you will meet a new person …and they will google you ….you will find yourself in the same embarrassing situation.


Our website is called . The meaning is one : web and 'cide' that means 'killing' in latin. Like 'suicide' ,'homocide' 'genocide' .   Webcide is online killing .


Google search results can kill your future easily .


Negative Google search results means you are indeed a Zombie , a digital Walking dead.


A person , that nobody want to deal with , to make business with , to enter into relationship with …

If you can count on the palm of your hand the negative links you are mentioned in ….


You have still the chance to return to the community of the living people .


Negative search results , cannot be buried by positive content .  This is what most online reputation management companies will sell you .  Sweet dreams , indeed .


Sometimes , it can work , and it depends entirely on the source of the negative reviews …if its coming from important websites , with authority , you have no choice left : you must erase the negative webpages from the websites hosting them .


Publishing positive content is just a temporary solution ,  you cannot cure cancer with aspirin.


Removing the negative webpage is a permanent solution and this is the only solution that will put you back into the circle of life .


Otherwise you will live always under pressure , that someone will google you and check also page 2,3 and 4 …till he will reach the bad things you do not want them to read .


Stop being a walking dead , start living , get rid of your negative search results , it’s a must .


A lot of people has different excuses for explaining the negative search results ….fired workers ….competitors….they blame anyone possible , and held them responsible for publishing  false and misleading information about them …..


This is okay if you can talk and convince the people you already know and that you usually work with ….but this is not good for the dozens of people you do not know that are googling you right now  and will never , ever contact you , after reading the negative information about you .


You can lie to yourself , if you feel good with that . But this fact does not change your humiliating situation , you are still a walking dead and will remain one , as long as you do not fix your online reputation .


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