Online Reputation Management Webinar


In this Webinar you will learn how to take care of your company's online reputation . Today, opinions are easily shared through the proliferation of networking sites, forums, blog sites, chatrooms and other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. These social media platforms are also being used by business organizations to connect with their clients and attract new potential clients. However, nothing prevents your company from being the target of a negative note. Social media can really affect the reputation of a company. The buzz may be good or bad, but a strategy to interact directly with customers on the Internet and to respond to their inquiries, is absolutely invaluable.


It is crucial to listen to what is being said online, even if it is negative. Listening creates the opportunity to take action and resolve internal problems or deal with malicious information, both of which can negatively influence a company’s brand image and reputation.


The reputation of a business is based on its image. A positive image brings trust and confidence to the customer. The image of a business is essential for its success and it is also the key that will determine its profitability and revenue.

A good reputation can capture good sale increases along with confidence from customers. However, a bad reputation can lead to a decrease in customers’ confidence, hence provoking a reduction in profits and sales. Today, with the use of the Internet, rumors, gossip, bad opinions and shocking news spread very quickly. It is of utmost importance to keep a high quality profile to please the public. Hence, today businesses are using an online reputation management (ORM) strategy.


Your online reputation is impacted by what you post online and what others say about you or your business online.  The total amount and visibility of positive, negative, and neutral content when people search online for your name, company, brand, products or services determine your online reputation. 


We are living in an era of radical transparency and the first impression for an individual or business is frequently online.  The idea of privacy — our own and others’– is changing in very dramatic ways.  It is scary navigating this brave new world. What we see online is not a mirror of reality but a distortion of reality.


We help our clients regain control over how their name or brand is seen online and restore what may have been lost along the way.


Online reputation management involves managing the search engine results and protecting your company’s brand reputation from negative exposure online. This is very crucial since buying decisions are influenced by what is found on the web. Simply, an ORM strategy combines traditional marketing and public relations with search engine marketing.

Visibility and high rankings for good publicity are the ultimate goals, which will in turn push bad publicity down the search engine listings and out of public view. Keep in mind that online searchers rarely view more than 2 pages of search engine results for any search. Online reputation management enables you to protect and manage your reputation and brand from becoming actively involved in the outcome of negative publicity online.


As discussed, consumers use search engines to gather information. When they undertake a search for your company name or brand, your hope is that your own website is high up on the search results list. If your company name appears in the top 10 lists, hopefully your customers won’t be distracted by the other 9 listings.

Online customers searching for your company name will often look at all results provided not only your business website, but by review sites, discussion forums, etc. When their eyes skim down the list, what stands out about your company? Is it all good, relevant, up-to-date information? Are there any negative listings saying bad things about your brand or company?


Google relies on a complex algorithm to determine which search results appear on what page.  High authority content is likely to rank among the first results for any search term, while low authority content may not rank at all. Reputation management companies seek to influence search results by improving the authority and search visibility of positive content to promote a company, product or individual.


While every reputation management campaign is unique, the best online reputation management companies will typically use some of the following tactics:


  • Monitoring online mentions of an individual or brand and coordinating a thoughtful, rapid response

  • Publishing professionally written content on trusted web sites with high search engine authority and maximum visibility

  • Interlinking high impact positive web content

  • Optimizing existing websites and social media profiles to rank higher in the search results for select keywords

  • Contacting the source to edit or remove negative content

  • Filing a formal complaint with the search engine or webmaster

  • Promote Positive Customer Reviews

  • Article and Content Marketing to Blogs, News Sites and Web 2.0 Sites

  • Business Profile Development

  • Social Media Profile Optimization

  • Press Release Distribution

  • Sponsor Contests and Giveaways

  • Online Reputation Monitoring


People from all walks of life use search engines to research and gather information, so that they can make informative decisions. If the information they come across during a search relating to your brand is adverse, it can affect the decisions they make. Negative information can ultimately lead to problems in many areas including sales, investor relations, recruitment, financials, image and reputation. In other words - damage to your brand.


Everyone. Doctors, attorneys, small business owners, accountants, consultants, freelancers and contractors need a positive online image. If you are looking for a job, applying to school, dating online or seeking new clients or customers, your first impression will be online. Every business knows that customers and clients are researching products and services online before deciding to buy. Brand management is more important than ever before and a positive reputation is your most valuable asset.


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