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Online Reputation Management Services  by now in Abuja, Nigeria .



Online Reputation Management Services  Nigeria . Online Reputation Management just opened new offices in Abuja , Nigeria .


The office is providing Online Public Relations and Reputation Management services for local businessmen and politicians .


Personal reputation is important.  


In Nigeria , as well as Worldwide , all kinds of people make judgements affecting your life based on what they may have read online about you. What’s more, the way reputation works is changing. Now anyone can simply Google your name to find out about you.


Any negative content, like negative articles, negative blogs , a social media spat or indiscrete selfie, could give the wrong impression and sway an important decision.


The bigger the reputation, the bigger the potential for people to get the wrong idea. Nothing on the Internet ever really gets deleted. Even if negative content on one site is removed, that information has already been duplicated in numerous other places.


You can’t avoid an online presence, you can’t delete an online presence, but you can manage an online presence, influencing what information about you the world sees.


We are top level experts in online reputation management on Google Nigeria , as well as .


By understanding how search engines ‘think’ can influence what appears on page 1 when your name is Googled. Positive content can be pushed higher, negative content pushed lower, out of sight. Nigeria , can help prevent people getting the wrong idea about you from a few bits of negative content, such as…


Out of date stories.

Compromising photos.

Disproven news articles.

Misleading social media posts. Nigeria Online Reputation Management , employs advanced techniques and patented technology to help push the content you want to see higher up the search engine pages, whilst effectively pushing the detrimental content beyond page 1. 


Typically, people don’t search past page 1 on Google, so by pushing negative content to subsequent pages, people see a true reflection of your online reputation in Nigeria and all over the World . Nigeria , creates content that ensures you look your best online. This may include a biography, social media content, blog posts, videos, images and e-book media. A content plan is created and published to a personalised list of websites that you have an affinity with and have the ability to influence your search results. This may include blogs and landing pages to industry specific profile sites. The content plan is published in a timely manner to ensure a positive effect on your search results.


Some of the factors we examine include:


How high the unwanted content ranks.


The authority and strength of the top sites in your search results.


The number of people searching for you.


How much competition there is from other individuals or businesses with the same name.


If your reputation in Nigeria and Worldwide , is critical to your livelihood, then it’s in your best interest to protect your name or brand from negative content online. offers patented technology and expertise to help protect your reputation. To suppress negative online material we replace it with positive content. The internet provides people with a forum to make comments about you or your brand – whether they are true or not.


Negative content in online articles, blogs, and reviews can appear instantaneously and you may not even realise that they are impacting your online reputation on Google Nigeria and .


Our team of dedicated advisers work with you or your team to:


Re-establish a positive online presence .


Draft favourable content and post online.


Manage the campaign and monitor its success.


We can help you to:


Displace unflattering search engine results, antagonistic blog postings, personal attacks and ‘off message’ or out dated content.


Help tell your story through content written by our team of expert writers and editors.


Prevent bad news from being amplified and going ‘viral’ through monitoring and alerts.


Protect your future reputation by securing positive content now. offers Online Reputation Management Services in Nigeria , for businesses , companies and large corporations .


Customers are increasingly looking online for local services, doctors, dentists, hairdressers, estate agents, car garages; the list goes on… Every business, whether it sells over the Internet, on the high street, or out of town, is a multi-national or a sole trader, needs an online presence.


People almost always click on one of the first page entries of their search results, so it’s essential for a business to appear in the listings on page 1. Potential customers take ‘the fastest path to desired content’ – you have just over 1 second to capture attention,* so your content has to be relevant and attract their attention.


The most effective way to win new business and earn customer trust is through online reviews.


Search engine results pages (SERPs) have evolved over the last decade to be more relevant to how people are using them. One of the key changes is Local Search – SERPs give more prominence to local businesses and favour companies with lots of user reviews.


What’s more, potential new customers trust what reviewers think. 88% of people trust online comments and 72% take action after reading a positive review. If you’re not gathering and sharing customer reviews it’s harder for new customers to find and trust your company.


The more you gather and share reviews, the easier it gets, spreading word of mouth online. Staying in touch with what customers really think about your business also helps to adapt and convert them into loyal advocates. We work with companies to help gather reviews, then automatically spread them across relevant review sites to boost their SERP position and attract new customers.


User reviews also help companies to:


Listen to what customers are saying about them and learn from it

Improve  services based on genuine feedback.


Act quickly to negative reviews or potential issues.


Track and analyse customer sentiment.


Compare output and service quality by location.


Share reviews across multiple platforms to amplify results.


Differentiate themselves from the competition.


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