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The Death of Online Reputation Management does not believe in traditional online reputation management (ORM ) . Those methods are old fashioned and they do not work anymore .


Stop believing that suppressing negative search results is something possible. Google are not stupid, and please do not under estimate them! 


The only solution for fixing your negative online reputation is to remove permanently all the bad press existing online. This means to remove all negative articles and blogs about you or your firm. is the leading authority in the field on Negative Public Relations, with more than 30 years experience in this field. removes permanently all your negative search results from the Internet. 


Google is becoming more selecting in falling into the lousy SEO tricks played by the leading online reputation management companies .


The frequent updates of Google , will continue to damage the work done by online reputation management companies , that try to suppress negative information about their clients .


It’s a loose , loose situation for the person who is seeking to clean up his online reputation .


He is loosing his money , he his loosing time while negative posts about him get ranked higher , even if an ORM company will succeed to bury some negative results , they will get back to page one or two of Google within weeks , or less .


Check your online reputation with our Reputation Search Engine , and find out how many negative posts are existing online .


You see , everybody that is looking for updated negative information about you , is starting to use our Reputational search engine .


No matter how much work the ORM companies will do , our search engine will find the dirt and show it on its first page .


Its just a matter of time before everybody out there , will know that it’s a waste of time to try to trick Google , your bad reputation will surface , again and again .


The only way to solve this problem is one :  remove forever the negative posts and articles about you from Google , Yahoo , Bing and the website that is hosting them .


There is no other way around . offers this service and you know what ?  We remove , permanently the negative webpages that are damaging your online reputation .


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We delete or remove negative content from thousands of websites. This means that the negative content will be removed completely and will no longer appear on the website, or in search engines. This process typically takes about 6 months  and is backed up by our Service Guarantee.


In the event a site owner is not willing to work with us, we also specialize in many techniques to negotiate de-indexing and suppression of negative content to remove harmful content from the main page(s) of Google.


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