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The Online Reputation Management Extortion Industry



If you have negative complaints on Ripoff Report or somewhere else on the Internet, you may be approached by someone selling Reputation Management Services ,  Search Engine Optimization or SEO services.  


A lot of people and companies ,who refused to do business with the reputation management company that offered them their services ,  found a slew of negative listings about themselves appear online just a few weeks later.


The Online Reputation Management company called again and remarked they ‘knew about additional negative posts ,’ offering clients a reduced contract of $25k a month to remove the results from the first few pages of Google .


Ripoff Reports staff has heard of Reputation Management /SEO companies emailing, calling, or faxing their sales pitch to people within minutes of a complaint being posted about them online. 

This means that either they monitor the complaints sites 24/7 looking for potential clients , or maybe they are the originators of those complaints.


Many of these "complaints" sites have either been setup by the company themselves, or have created financial relationships with the owners of the sites to remove content when paid.


Most of the biggest ORM firms are involved in this kind of  Online extortion.


Why the biggest ones ?  Because they have the resources to monitor constantly the web for negative information and they are the ones that has a huge sales force that makes the calls , emails ,etc… to prospective clients …. Let's call them potential victims .


Some of them even falsely infer that they work for or on behalf of Ripoff Report.  If this has happened to you, we want to warn you that hiring an SEO company or Online reputation management company , to hide or bury your online complaints may be one of the worst mistakes you can ever make.


Reputation management or SEO companies will typically promise to help you hide negative complaints about your company.  But this is a scam.


These  ORM ( online reputation management ) companies usually do this by creating positive profiles on social networking and other sites which are designed to rank highly in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!  (NOTE you can do this yourself for free).


Read this article in order to understand how is done .


What SEO or reputation management companies are really saying is that they can create positive web pages that will show up before the negative ones, thereby pushing the negative results lower, maybe to the second or third pages of Googles search results.  THIS IS A SCAM !


Positive posts will never ,ever bury permanently , negative information about you . NEVER . Because this is how Google algorithms works …..they rank higher the negative posts , and maybe you can fool Google for a while , but then you will see that the negative links will show up again on the first pages of Google.  


The negative pages are never removed, they are just a little harder to find. And, these results are often only pushed down for a few days or weeks, but then will suddenly pop back up to the top of the results putting you back at square one.


So you spent with those ORM companies , a lot of money , time and efforts for nothing .


The ORM companies knows that , but they are after a monthly retainer … this is the way to force you pay them on a monthly basis ….so that each time the negative surface again , you are there to pay and they are there to get paid . LIFETIME HOSTAGE  in their hands !


Let us disclose to you another horrible secret –the online reputation management company will make things even worse by publishing not relevant information about you , spamming links, etc…

The Solution : you should NEVER pay anything up-front to an  ORM company. 


Legitimate SEO companies will agree to show results before you are charged anything, so if you are asked to pay first, thats a huge red flag that should convince you to walk away immediately.

Again, once you let them know you are slightly interested, more than likely they will make things worse for you and you will become their hostage forever.




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