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With the rising popularity of the internet and its ever growing influence on the minds of people at large — it is the need of the hour to have a perfect reputation online so that it doesn’t affect your business or you. As a business, have you ever wondered what your online reputation is like? Online reputation goes beyond site rankings on the Google web pages or what someone thinks about your business. The overall effect is the type of image it creates in the mind of anyone that comes across your business and the type of perception that it creates. Yes, we live in a virtual world today where reviews about you and your business matter more instead of what actually the reality is. Therefore, having a good image online is of utmost importance.


  • Identify the negative, defamatory, libelous, and inflammatory language of the online text or material and familiarize yourself with Google’s Content and User Contribution Policy.

  • Document everything. Take screenshots, compile links, and have a trusted friend or family member create supporting documentation.

  • Contact Google or the webmaster or organization which has published the content and request a removal (citing their policies).

  • Reach out to an experienced defamation removal attorney if there are no formal channels for contacting a website or removing content.

  • If you’re unable to completely remove a negative or defamatory search result from Google and the Internet, consider asking the publisher to amend or alter it.


Have you ever googled your name and found that there are negative news articles about it on the first page of Google results? It is more common than you think. These negative news articles can have a great impact on your personal and professional life.

When you search for tips for removing negative news articles from the internet, you will find that the tips are overwhelming. It is not that easy to remove or even bury negative news articles, especially if they rank high on Google and other search engines.

Only online reputation management agencies can help you.


At Negative PR Agency, we repair your reputation by using the latest and best management tools and strategies to remove any negative news articles about you. We remove news articles if possible.

However, before hiring us, you need to be aware of how negative news articles work and how they affect your personal and professional life.


For all its worth, online reputation management is a pre-planned process that takes time and initiative and a good amount of monetary investment too. However, it also provides crisis management in situations where you have negative links, bad news articles, negative reviews, etc. Dealing with the same requires expert help from secure online reputation.


It is essential to take the negative article seriously as it surely is and will be causing serious damage to the reputation in the long-term. Right from mud-slinging to fabricated lies and hate speech, all these things and many more come under the category of negative articles which means that one has a really tough and long battle to fight online if they wish to bring it to an end. Once again, easier said than done, we would like to focus on removing negative articles from Google and thereby working on online reputation management.


Ask Google for support; Google has a stringent customer policy that gives a very strong guideline about how users have to interact with other users and businesses online. This means if someone has tried to malign your name under false pretences then you can definitely take Google’s help and get things sorted. However, given the number of such things happening on a daily basis the request might be processed slowly.


Negative news articles can make you famous but in the wrong way. Literally, they can destroy your personal life and your business. Even if they are not on the first pages of Google or they are on unknown websites, in the long run, they will get more views and you know, people talk all the time.

It takes years for people to build their reputations whether personal or professional. On the other hand, it takes one negative news article to lose this reputation. Even if the news article is fake, it can lead to fuss and this fuss can be the main goal of whoever posted this fake news article.

The problem is more serious for business owners. You cannot afford to have a bad reputation while competing with other businesses. Your enemies can be the reason behind the negative news articles about you, your family members, your company, or your brand. Bad online publicity travels faster than you think.


When you find out that the negative news articles, you should follow these steps.

1. Stay as calm as possible. Do not rash and do not do anything because you are angry.
2. Understand that the process takes time. First, you will discuss it with the owner of the website. Then, you can ask Google and other search engines to help you.
3. It is time to turn the search results from negative to positive. Publish good content about you and/or your business. Hire an online reputation management agency and digital marketing agency to handle your online content. It is better to let the experts deal with the situation.

However, we will provide you with the best plan to either delete the negative news articles or bury them under the positive image we are going to create about you and/or your business.

Let’s face it, fake news can destroy your reputation. The problem with online content is that it does not disappear easily. If you want the negative news article to disappear, you have to prepare a replacement and put it online. Of course, the replacement should be positive and preclude any negative results or explain the truth to people.

Each person has enemies. It is easy to set up a blog, a website, or even ask an online magazine to post negative news articles about someone. Search engines love these articles since they get more clicks and visits than the other web content about the same person. The more the visits are, the more the articles will appear on the search engines and rank higher than the rest of the content.

In some cases, it is impossible to eliminate all the online content about someone. Hundreds or even thousands have visited these news articles. Deletion can be difficult. The solution now is improving the bad images and fight for the first pages of the search results with the SEO practices and digital marketing strategies.

Once you discover that there is a negative news article about you or your business, you need to calm down and take immediate and reasonable actions. This will only happen when you are aware of Online Reputation Management companies and SEO practices. 


You can also contact the webmaster of the site and ask them to take down the negative article as per their policy. However, in many cases, they ask you to pay up for the same and please beware of this as such sites are looking forward to duping you.


Taking legal action can be the next step to do but this step means you are ready to splurge quite the amount on everything that follows. Well, of course, if the damage done is too much then you must look for the requisite compensation from that person or agency. For this, you will require the professional help of an agency like us.


Understanding how Google works and how the use of social media campaigns can help you solve things easily is something that agencies try to do and which are often successful. For more guidance about the same, we at can help you with all the right solutions and online reputation strategies to get over this situation in a full-proof way.


There are two ways to go about this. The sites that Google owns and manages are regularly updated which means that if the content or site functions get obsolete then Google itself will remove it from the search result. However, what we would like to focus on is, when a certain somebody has posted certain maligning content about your site or service online and you’d like to take that particular content off google.

For any site, the webmaster is the one who can make changes when it comes to changing things over there. Which means that you do need professional help to get things done.


This is where Negative Public Relations steps in thereby helping you with your online reputation management problems.

Now, it is essential to realize that Google is just a search engine which means that it cannot directly take action on what should be on it or shouldn’t, especially certain content that a certain somebody might find offensive. Here, what you need to do is to let Google know about your situation and wait for them to help you out.


The problem with the waiting period can be that you never know whether they’d really be able to help you or rather when. This is where you need to take matters in your own hand and try to get things done. You can either do this by yourself or hire a professional like us to get it done for you.


Also, rather than trying to suppress the link, the better way is to remove the link as there are very high chances that after some time the link will reappear on the first page which means that you’d have to go with the entire process once again. You need to get done with it as soon as you can and we can help you in this.

If there is negative content about you on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram then you can contact them and they will actually help you with the same within the specified time limit. However, when it comes to Google, as mentioned earlier


​Google has no direct way to make changes to the sites. You will have to ask the site itself to make the change. At times, they even charge you to get the post down, however, this is not a sure shot method because people are out there to con you of your money. Here too, you can trust us with our online reputation strategies and solutions.


One need experts to handle these situations tactfully and get the job done. And, we at Negative Public Relations  help you throughout the process with guaranteed results. You can browse all the available options and choose the one that suits your requirements and also your budget if the damage done is messy.