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Remove Online Defamation internet defamation lawyers , has extensive experience in finding appropriate solutions for our clients’ internet problems. 


We believe that providing the best solutions for clients requires a full and up-to-date understanding of the available international legal procedures .


As lawyers, we are typically able to take swift steps to assist in the removal of defamatory content online.


We work with the best cyber investigators , in order to gather reliable information about people attempting to hide their identities online.


Our negative public relations professionals are helping repair reputations for those people wrongfully attacked online.


We are experts in legal takedowns and permanent removal of defamation webpages and websites .


As a temporary solution while the legal options are being pursued, we use our sophisticated online reputation management technologies in order to push down defamatory content in search results. 


Defamatory content published online may destroy the reputation of an individual, a small business or a Fortune 500 corporation. Defamation lawyers team with top level cyber investigators to stop internet defamation that damages your company .  Our investigative team works to identify and stop anonymous defamers, while the legal team removes defamatory information from websites and search engine indices, and seeks to recover damages. Reputation lawyers have developed solutions to the negative situations that companies can face online, including defamation and false reviews.


We have been involved in a variety of online defamation cases and understand how to stop and remove defamation from Google and the Internet .


How we do it ? 


By obtaining  court orders that results in the removal of over URLs containing defamatory content concerning our clients from various search engines, including Google.


By obtaining  court orders that force the removal of an entire website that is damaging large financial companies as well as small businesses .


By obtaining court orders that result in the total removal of false statements on Ripoff Report from Google’s search indices .


By assisting clients with an analysis of competitors’ online marketing tactics to determine if they were legal and/or violated the policies of Google and other search engines.


By obtaining a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction ordering a client’s former customer to cease making false statements about the business online. These orders are submitted to Google, which in turn is forced to remove all false postings from its search indices.


How we really do it ? How we succeed to remove negative information from the internet ?


We work in extremely aggressive methods .


We find the responsible and transform their life in a legal nightmare.  We file lawsuits against everybody that is involved in the defamation case , the person that published the content , the company that owns the website hosting the negative page , the person owning the website , the hosting company , the registrants and most of the time , they just decide to give up and remove the content , because they understand that a legal battle will ruin their reputation and finances .


We are destroying the people involved in the defamation case .


We are experts in negative public relations , and if you google now ‘ negative PR ‘  or the term ‘ negative public relations’ you will see that we are the number one authority in the World in the field of online negative campaigning .  We are ranked even before Wikipedia .


Internet defamation cases are complex , and we know how to handle the most severe and complicated cases . Cyber & Internet Investigators – We have a team of well-established cyber investigation specialists that works for us , in order to to help determine critical information, including the identities of attackers who believe they are anonymous. Crisis Communications Team  – When a company comes under attack, often it is an “all-hands-on-deck” crisis. network of PR and crisis communications experts , start to assist immediately by finding the best available solutions for resolving the crisis . Search Engine Optimization Experts  - Our crisis response team also includes SEO specialists who can help mitigate damages in the most efficient and professional manner.


Why to hire Online Reputation Management ? Because of the highly specialized nature of internet law, there are few attorneys who have a full profesional experience with internet defamation. The legal team focuses on these cases daily and is often simultaneously working on dozens of cases Worldwide .


False statements on the internet are damaging the good reputation of people and companies. Search engines optimize results by relevancy, not by quality.  


Google loves to rank negative information , right on top . Lies and dangerous misinformation can spread virally on the internet just as easily as legitimate consumer concerns or complaints.  Given the short statute of limitations for online defamation cases it is important to consider taking action quickly.


Over time, the issues got worse and when the client wanted to take action it was often too late.  If you are beginning to experience online attacks, it is best to seek counsel regarding your possible solutions sooner rather than later.  Contact us for a free and confidential consultation .


We will provide you with the best ways to remove defamatory content with or without legal action , in order to secure a fast and guaranteed online reputation repair process . 


The legal removal of defamation and relative webpage’s takedowns , are done without any kind of deposit , NO upfront fees and NO monthly payments .


You pay , only and exclusively , after the removal . Legal Team employ a variety of techniques to identify anonymous attackers, including using advanced cyber investigation technologies , subpoenas, forensic exams of computers and private offline investigators, among several others. 


Locating people hiding their identities online can be difficult, but it is  100 %  possible. 


We know the most effective techniques to identify the anonymous attackers .  We also understand where to find identifying information, the length of time Internet Service Providers and others keep it, and how to most effectively obtain it.    


Our internet defamation experts ,repeatedly, had success figuring out who is harming our clients online.  We have identified anonymous persons writing false reviews, operating defamatory websites, sending emails interfering with our clients’ businesses, posting private pictures of our clients, and selling our clients’ products without their authorization.


Online Reputation Management , has substantial experience in assisting victims facing false reviews on the internet.  It is not uncommon for companies to pay for false positive reviews regarding themselves, or to post false negative reviews concerning their competitors on the various online complaint and review sites .  We have developed a lot of technical and legal methods to help our clients in these situations.


We have experience removing false reviews and filing lawsuits against the competitors who post them.  In certain cases, we are able to file a lawsuit against the competitor for trademark infringement, which often allows for disgorgement of profits and recovery of damages and attorneys’ fees. 


The review does not have to be posted by a competitor.  We work with cyber investigators to identify individuals who post false reviews, and then take the necessary actions to remove the false reviews.  In many jurisdictions, because the false review directly attacks your company’s business reputation, damages are presumed under the law. has experience the other areas of internet law including traffic diversion, product diversion, trademark infringement, SEO manipulation, copyright infringement and public disclosure of private facts. We can easily assist you in all those areas .


Feel free to contact us today for a 100% confidential consultation .



Your crisis communication team should be diverse enough to gather and understand a wide variety of data. Some audiences will require in-depth information regarding technical details, while others will only need high-level executive summaries. Train multiple sets of individuals as potential spokespeople to handle a wide variety of issues.


Many employees may have gone through training and understand your crisis communications plan. However, it’s critical to elect one spokesperson to act as the voice of your brand. Designating a single point of contact will ensure consistent internal and external crisis management messaging.


You will also need to keep all of your employees, customers, and suppliers in the loop throughout this process. Maintain regular correspondence and keep them updated on any new developments to retain some control over the situation. You don’t want them to receive any news from outside sources before first hearing about it directly from you.


Proper crisis communication will preserve their trust in you and keep a lid on rumors.

How a Crisis Affects Your Business : An organization deals with many types of crises outside of their control. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and oil spills or industrial accidents can be impossible to prevent, yet other potential crises may be directly caused by your company or employees.


An improperly planned tweet or misstatement can easily erupt into a social media crisis. While there are an infinite number of scenarios, businesses are primarily impacted in three ways:


1. Reputation Damage
The news cycle during a PR crisis can batter your brand’s image with constant negative press. Damaging stories flood traditional media like print, television, and radio. Furthermore, digital content from websites and social media continues to tie your brand to the crisis. Your company’s mistakes, actions, and inactions will be criticized and broadcast around the globe.


The ongoing media attention could cause negative articles to remain in Google search results long after the crisis has ended. Once negative content has taken root, only a targeted reputation management strategy can dislodge it from page one.


2. Business Operations Disruption
Your business continuity plan may require you to pull people from several departments. Vital business functions like customer service and production could be at risk when teams are short-staffed.


Elevated work stress and a poor reputation may increase employee turnover and hiring costs. Furthermore, operations may be hindered when chief executives leave the company on short notice.


3. Revenue Loss
Constant negative media attention will bury positive content in search engine results. This can damage your reputation and drive away potential customers. People may also have a difficult time finding your website and social media properties if they aren’t on page one. A damaged reputation combined with reduced website traffic leads to lost revenue.


Contact our team to stop negative press from taking over your search landscape. We’ll assign a full team of professionals to repair your organization’s online reputation. See how much a bad company reputation can cost.


Crisis Recovery
The final step of crisis control is to use online reputation management to repair your digital image. Your search results may be riddled with negative articles that don’t reflect your company or employees. It’s essential to expand and strengthen your digital footprint by investing in SEO-driven online reputation management services.


We’ll develop a corporate reputation management strategy that promotes your CSR initiatives and generating plenty of positive online press.


Most crisis management firms focus on the logistics of resolving an issue. But they often lack the expertise to fix your tattered search results. Our reputation management company will mitigate the damage to your digital image during a crisis. Then, we’ll restore and strengthen your brand’s search landscape.


What is Reputation Management?
Search engine reputation management controls a brand’s search results by influencing both rankings and searcher behavior. However, a successful program is so much more than just search engine optimization.


A corporate reputation management strategy also combines public relations tactics such as press releases with targeted outreach to promote your brand’s positive online reputation. The three most critical phases of a long-term strategy are brand protection, crisis management, and ongoing digital reputation monitoring.


What we can do for you:
Ensure that your online search profile reflects your company or personal brand.
Eliminate brand ambiguity from Google search results.
Protect your name with a positive, authentic online presence.
Establish yourself as an authority on the internet and across social networks.
Leverage a network of online relationships to build trust and credibility.
Identify and address staged competitor attacks.
Professionally respond to negative and untruthful claims
ORM is not a “get out of jail free” card or a quick fix for bad press. It’s a means of showcasing your best accomplishments and taking control of your own story. It’s also a critical strategy to mitigate reputational risk before an issue arises.


Why is Digital Reputation Management Important?
Reputation management is important because your search results may not be reflective of you or your company. Seeing as 70 percent of employers now look up an individual’s social media when screening potential employees and 65 percent of people trust online search results more than any other source of information about individuals and companies, leaving your search results up to chance just doesn’t cut it anymore.


If you sell quality goods and provide excellent customer service then your business probably earns plenty of positive reviews. Unfortunately, uncontrollable events and staged competitor attacks can still give your company a negative online reputation.


The result can be anything from potential customer loss to ruined business partnerships. An expert reputation manager will address potential problems up front. We can put you in a better position to prevent and recover from damaging content.