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Our legal team will remove online content, without any lengthy lawsuit. No retainers or up-front fees. You only pay results.Are you looking to remove online content you believe to be defamatory? provides a full range of legal services to help businesses and individuals to take full control of their online image and reputation, and help stop anonymous cyberattacks. Regardless of the size of the online attack, the damage to a company’s finances and reputation can be lethal. Individuals face not only the financial burden of replying to those attacks, but they also must deal with the negative impact to their overall personal well-being and relationships. attorneys draw on their specialized technical and business expertise to provide unique and cost-effective solutions focused on internet defamation, cyberbullying and online harassment, revenge porn and privacy issues, online investigations, content removal, expert testimony, online reputation management and repair, and litigation.


In today's day and age, the internet has become a place where individuals can make false statements about parties and businesses with a single click and broadcast false and damaging information to a vast audience. Since most research before purchasing, hiring or engaging services starts with an internet search, individuals and businesses incur real damages and harm as a result of the instantaneous and exponential reach of the internet.


Our attorneys work closely with our clients to achieve stellar results, including, but not limited to:


  • Removal of false and defamatory online posts, articles, discussion boards and internet content

  • Clean up search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.) links and results to defamatory articles

  • Identifying, through a lawsuit, anonymous internet authors, when defamatory information has been posted

  • Litigating lawsuits seeking monetary damages and injunctive relief for online defamation

  • Removal of posts from cheater websites such as,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and others;

  • Removal of posts from mugshot websites

  • Removal of unauthorized use of copyrighted work and content on the internet such as photographs, original drafted materials, images, logos, etc.


Our Lawyers are dedicated solely to Internet defamation, so our clients receive the specialized and highly experienced representation of a team of attorneys who stay up-to-date with the ever-changing trends and laws, while providing the highest level of service. The experience gained from representing top level clients in hundreds of Internet defamation-related cases around the world helps us to understand not just the legal nuances of each case, but also the private and personal nature of our clients’ distress.


As such, we provide each client with both aggressive representation and respectful and compassionate counsel.


When faced with Internet defamation, online harassment or cyber stalking, our primary goal is to make it stop as quickly as possible by removing and suppressing the damaging content, identifying the anonymous offenders, and obtaining compensation for damages and emotional distress.


  • Guaranteed removal services - pay for results

  • Delete or remove negative news, blogs, forums, reviews,and articles - pay upon completion

  • Sponsored content and publicity - build a positive reputation

  • Wikipedia editing - for notable clients a great prestige builder

  • Cyber-litigation assistance - expert assistance with legal cases

  • Reputation monitoring - know as soon as damage is occurring

  • Reviews management - improve Google, Yelp, BBB and other review ratings


Our experienced team of attorneys and litigators has an extremely high success rate in winning motions, appeals, and temporary, preliminary and permanent restraining orders, and we have a proven success rate in securing favorable verdicts in jury and bench trials. We also work closely with our network of reputation management companies to give clients the option of ongoing Internet monitoring and protection from future attacks.




  • We won’t charge you until your post is removed.

  • We charge a flat up-front fee for removals regardless of how much work is required to get a post removed.

  • We do complete post removal NOT link suppression.

  • We use PCI Compliant Stripe and Formstack software for a secure payment portal.

  • We can remove directly from 100s of the internet’s most damaging websites.

  • A+ Rating and Accredited by the BBB.

  • We are attorney-owned and work hand in hand with top legal professionals.

  • We offer the best prices in the industry. Period.


ORM companies do what most public relations agencies and digital marketing shops can’t do — defend a business’s online reputation against decline and repair your online reputation.

Removing negative content is not a quick and easy task, but it's almost always worth trying (so long as the attempt to remove it doesn't make things worse). Research shows that nearly 45% of people discover things online that change their minds about doing business with a company.


If a potential customer reads even one negative review, they aren't likely to click your link or purchase your product.

It's not just reviews. Things like defamation of character, bad reviews, negative articles, or something else can all damage your reputation and in most cases ought to be removed from search results when possible. What Google’s first page says about you or your business is arguably more important for your online reputation than your website or your business card.

So when disgruntled employees, angry customers, or competitors create negative content about your company, and it starts showing up in search results for branded keywords (ex: Acme Widgets), removing or countering it becomes a priority.

There are a couple of strategies to counter negative search results.

Try to get the negative content completely removed from search results.
Try to get Google to remove the content from search results using a copyright infringement strategy. 
Push the negative search results down by creating and ranking positive content about your company


With an eye on the trends in user behavior and an experienced reputation management partner supporting you, you can cultivate ongoing trust and respect for your online identity.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a reputation management company:

How many years of experience does the company have?

Do they specialize in the specific area of reputation management you need help with?

Do they deliver exceptional customer service? Will they be available to answer any questions you may have or to deal with crises as they unfold?

Have you researched the company and reviewed their references/testimonials?


Getting the negative content about you or your company removed from Google search results is rarely simple. 

There are two ways to get content removed directly from a website

Contact the author of the content , editor, or publisher, with a request to remove or alter the content itself. Explain how it is portraying your business in the wrong light and causing damage to your reputation. We provide a script here. 

Ask the website owner to add the NO-INDEX tag to the page that has negative content. If this is done, Google will ignore this page and won’t show it in search results. 

Ask the website owner to remove any references to your name in the article. This will make it far less relevant for your branded search phrases, and thereby drop out of search results in most cases. 
Use copyright infringement as a basis for removal. 


Reputation management is more necessary today than it has been in the history of humankind. With the proliferation of review sites, news media and twitter, information can spread in a matter of seconds and can linger for years.

At the risk of sounding like doomsday prophets, every brand and every business today are at risk for reputation damage. Tech-savvy antagonists know how to create and distribute false information. All it takes is a single fake-but-compromising Photoshopped image on 4chan, a fake review on Google, or a spam comment on your Amazon product and you are facing a crisis that could destroy your brand.


Reputation, as this article should have made clear, is largely out of your control.


But there are things that you can do — both proactively and reactively — to manage your reputation


Targeting the editor to remove online content

In case the author refuses to remove the negative post, doesn’t respond or tells you he can't remove it, you’ll have to contact the editor of the online publication. This is like "going up the food chain."

You can usually find the editors' contact information on the contact page. You can also approach them from the publication’s social media profiles. Again, politely explain your point and ask the editor to remove the content.

Target the publication

If the other two methods don’t work, you have the option to take legal action against the publication that has published negative, incorrect and defamatory content about your company.

If you go ahead with this approach, you’ll need to have documented evidence to prove your case and that is hard to do. You might also need to seek professional legal assistance. 

Oftentimes the more sensible approach, however, is to engage an online reputation management company that can handle all these things on your behalf.


People pay attention to friends' opinions


There is conflicting information regarding whether consumers are more likely to share positive or negative experiences on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. Research suggests it's about equal.

One thing is certain: people pay close attention to social posts from friends. And with the average consumer mentions brands 90 times a week to their friends, family, and co-workers, you can never underestimate the necessity of providing positive experiences.


Distributing good content is as important as eliminating bad


According to a LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community report, the top three things that make content effective are:

Audience relevance

Engaging storytelling

Writing that inspires action


Simply nixing the bad content simply won’t do. You also have to generate quality content to capture customer attention and keep your brand image positive and relevant.


One of the reasons why content marketing is so popular is because it works. The majority of survey respondents in a Content Marketing Institute study affirm that their organization’s content marketing is effective to some degree.

Removal based on copyright infringement

Copyright infringement is different than defamation of character. If the negative search results about your company contain images or text content copied from your website or any other web properties, it can be reported to Google for copyright infringement.

It can be any content from your website, blog or social media profiles. A lawyer's help is strongly encouraged — we use them, too. 

Google receives thousands of such complaints, so you need to be patient with this. They review each case separately and may seek further details from you. So make sure you have sufficient paperwork to support your claim.

Wrapping up: Negative search results can badly hurt your reputation and credibility, which is why you need to take immediate steps to get them removed. The steps we've shared in this post should help you get started. At the same time, you also need to create positive content so that you can rank for your branded keywords once the negative results are removed.