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Our Reputation Search Engine is based and powered by Google , the only difference is that we deliver only and exclusively negative search results such as : lawsuits , , bankruptcy filing , arrest records , past and present legal issues , negative articles, negative comments, negative customer complaints, scam reports , fraud alerts ,negative blogs , negative forum posts , negative reviews and much more. Reputation Search Engine is collecting all negative available data about a person , from all major search engines and public databases and present you with precise negative search results.


From now on , who is searching for general information will use Google , and who needs to find real , updated ,accurate , precise, reliable negative information about a person will use Reputation Search Engine .


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If you search on Google , you will find a lot of false positive information , faked reviews , bogus articles and more ….published by online PR and reputation management companies , that helps their clients to bury negative information on Google , by publishing hundreds of positive imaginary posts .


Those days are over . Reputation Search Engine delivers only real , updated ,accurate , precise, reliable negative information about a person , avoiding the indexing of fictitious information about the searched person or company .


Online reputation management companies are helping clients to bury negative information about them , behind page 4 on Google , so that nobody will ever see those negative news and reports .


This era is over .



Nothing can be hidden from Reputation Search Engine .



You will receive all negative information , immediately on page one . No search engine optimization tricks can work . We extract for you only and exclusively negative information about a person or company and present it to you in the most clear and simple way .




Do you have negative information about you on Google...Do you need to remove negative news articles from Google ? removes permanently negative articles and blogs from the Internet. 



The only solution is to remove permanently bad information from the Internet ! specializes in removing bad press from Google Search Results.


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Pushing Down or Burying negative search results with positive ones , is an old method used by all major ORM companies . This method does not work anymore , because Google became a sophisticated search engines , a while ago , and you cannot just 'trick' them with such old SEO games . 


The only real solution is total removal of webpages and posts from the internet, and this is an expensive and very long process . 


If you are looking for quick fixes , you will continue to experience negative search results for the rest of your life . 


If you are seroiusly interested to get rid of all the negative mentioning about you or your company , our team web engineers , is at your ful service . 


Contact us for a free and confidential consultation at . Negative Public Relations Services : The Art of Negative Public Relations is to take negative information and spread it around the net in thousands of forms such as videos, images, blogs, articles, micro websites, discussion forums, press releases, movies, documentaries, and many more high ranking media.


Mistrust expressed by word of mouth and through social media can take years to repair.

Brand equity can suffer long-term damage as a result of bad publicity.


When brand association is negative, negative attitudes are more likely to come into a consumer's mind before positive ones. Bad publicity can contribute to negative brand association, which can in turn reduce sales over time.


Damaged brand association also leaves room for competition to move in on a customer base.


Negative publicity is negative publicity that a company has a specific reason that can cause potentially devastating consequences due may incur. Negative Publicity is the adverse publicity that a firm may incur due to a particular reason, which may lead to potentially disastrous consequences. It results in the firm’s reputation among its customers and competitors being badly tarnished. Needless to say, it hurts business real bad. We are experts in Negative Public Relations .