Webcide.com is the World’s Number one Authority in Negative Online Public Relations Services .


We are experts in developing dark public relations campaigns that are 100% legal , because we never create fake news , we never publish invented stories , we base everything on real true facts , and every content used , has been already published by a reliable third party source .


Example : you have a political figure that is your rival .


You want to create an extremely negative online reputation for him ( or her ) .


Webcide.com will take him out of business ,creating a reputational damage that can never be fixed again .


How is it achieved ?  We look for some negative information already published about him , of the persons connected to this politician , it can be family members , friends and close relatives .  Our online investigators look for criminal records , arrest records , court records , bankruptcy filings , lawsuits , and more .


Then we take this negative information and start to ‘share it online” using different means such as videos, articles, blogs , comments , feedbacks, discussion forums , and many more methods , we prefer not to list here .


We make sure that whoever will google this politician name , will find on page one of Google all the most negative information available about him/her


We speak about hundreds of links , high ranking content , that will fill up all search results on page one . As you know 90% of people don’t pass Google page one .


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