What is the target of a negative public relations campaign?


  • Anything that can damage the reputation of an organization

  • Anything that can cause a loss of market share, trust, and financial losses. 


As long as you are not breaking the law and entering within the limits of online defamation, libel or slander, everything is open.


Online Negative Public Relations campaigns are considered almost like a cybersecurity breach, or at least the victims should regard it as so.


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While starting a negative PR campaign against a competitor, you need to make sure of the following :


Creating a Lack of information and lots of online confusion. Misdirection is the name of the game. Google is the cyber warfare ground.  


The escalating flow of events is crucial so that when something negative has been published online by a third party, you must start to share this information on a large scale. 


You need to push forward until there is a “Loss of control” over the online reputation of the target. The target of the negative online PR campaign must reach a point where he no longer controls what is said about him online. 


Intense public scrutiny, this is exactly what you need to generate. Get everybody on board, we speak about the public, the mass of people out there that can share the negative information.


Intensifying media attention is a must. The large media must get involved and we know how to create interest with the media. Remember this: all media loves negative information, and if you tip them on an ‘exclusive basis’ about some negative event or info, they will publish it. 


While no negative PR campaign plan can completely anticipate each and every scenario, your crisis communications plan can outline the core principles that can help your PR team maximize the chaos and loss of trust that so many organizations find so challenging.


Everyone knows intuitively that a negative PR crisis can hurt an organization’s reputation, harming the brand’s reputation.


When PR  teams think about online reputation, they often focus only on the general public and the news media. They think of the awful word “scandal.” 

They do not realize that reputation depends on the entire range of stakeholders, and most crises aren’t as cut and dried as a full-blown scandal. 


The victims of a negative online PR campaign think that removing the negative search results from Google or displacing them with positive information will clear their online reputation, but this is not true at all, because if they are targeted by a negative campaign, the generators will not stop, and on the contrary, they will promote more bad press when they will find out that the former campaign has been erased from the web. 


What form the negative public relations campaign will take?

It will look like for example an accusation that management has done something really bad or perhaps even horrible, something that either endangers the public,  is unfair to a segment of the public such as women or a minority, or costs the public money. 


The “ultimate weapon of Negative PR” is and should be the TRUTH. 


What we mean by that is what we call truth, whatever can be found online. Your search will cover all the negative information about the target of the campaign and this will be your ‘truth’ and this truth will be spread around.