how to suppress negative contente from Google

Negative Content Suppression from Google



How to Suppress Negative Search Results ? 


Online Reputation Management offers the best and most convenient suppression services available today .


An online reputation suppression strategy is based on moving existing and newly created positive search results higher in search results in order to move down or 'suppress' negative search results.


In case your online reputation is down the tubes because there is too much negative information about you on Google, so is your best interest to suppress this negative content, as soon as possible. 


87% of customers will reverse a purchase decision after viewing negative content about a brand or product online. And in case we speak about an individual, it is 100% guaranteed that nobody will hire someone that got arrested for some reason. So that whatever negative search results are coming up when googling your company’s or personal name, it will destroy your future income, forever. 


It’s no surprise, then, that businesses pay out tens of thousands of dollars a month in an effort to preserve or improve their reputations. If you knew you could prevent a potentially devastating crisis, wouldn’t you take the necessary steps in order to suppress negative content from your Google search results? 


Google search engine has replaced word-of-mouth referrals, online reputation management has become an industry that purports to exercise massive influence over real public opinion.


Google Reputation management exists, in part, because people are more likely to believe, share and spread negative news than they are positive news. 


We, as humans, have evolved to react to threats, which has developed a "negativity bias." Bad news always gets more clicks, more attention, and, ultimately more revenue for the media outlets. That's why a single mistake, like an arrest or court record, can snowball to have lasting effects on your Google reputation.


Reputations need good management. Yet many businesses lack the time, expertise or knowledge to touch up their Google search results. online reputation repair engineers are experts in negative content suppression. Negative Public Relations is our expertise and we are the leading authority in this field. 


Deciding on the right online reputation management strategy can be a challenge. Most reputation problems pertain to bad reviews, negative blog posts or online newspaper articles. Since most reputation problems cannot be removed, a reputation management strategy centered around 'suppression' or pushing down bad search results is often the most effective step that can be taken. In order to suppress negative search results a few points should be addressed. has developed sophisticated search engine technologies for burying negative search results , while creating new positive ones and promoting them to rank of top of page one of your google search results .


In order to suppress negative search results effectively its not only important to build relevant web properties, populate them with great content, and use search engine optimization. Its also important to refresh the content. Freshness of web content is a big indicator of the quality of a web page, so are social indicators like Facebook Likes, tweets, and more.


Online Reputation Management by is an ongoing reputation management service , working for you 24 hours a day , updating profiles, creating new content in the form of videos, articles, forums, websites and more .


We are the only online reputation management company , that first delivers results , then charge you , No Upfront Fees , you first see the initial results , then if intererested , continue to work with us .


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Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your private information ends up online. Except in rare situations, you can’t just ask Google to remove the content. Google indexes the web as it appears.

Links on the Internet will fall under one of two categories: websites or profiles you own and control, and those that you don’t. Obviously, it’s much easier to remove links that you own — but chances are, if it’s a negative link, you don’t own it anyway. We’ll usurp that any domains or websites you own are positive investigate results for you or your business, as issues with your own website may point to bigger problems than a privative seek result.

Negative news removal can be a complex, convoluted and frustrating process. With extensive resources, undergo and expertise at our disposal, we are skillful to remove the headache from the counteract news removal process, and to help you haunt the damage of bad news while requite you control over your online reputation.

Unfortunately, without backlinks to the profiles themselves most of them will not musty well. Especially if the term is competitive. Some will, some habit, and get ready for a roller coaster b/c the profiles will jump around inclination a Hot Tamale. 9especially if you have no backlinks. Another tidbit, if you are using two words, make sure you use a “-” if the situation allows it in the username, since the page name typically will be vs.

“We know that if there’s a negative autocomplete suggestion in the list, it will draw somewhere between five and 15 times as many pin clover as a neutral suggestion,” Epstein said. “If you omit negatives for one optical, one hotel chain or one candidate, you have a hell of a lot of populate who are going to see only positive stuff for whatever the perspective you are supporting.”

When I reached out to the team at I was in a very difficult place. There had been an incident that interrupted the life of myself and my family to the peculiarity that we moved across the country to try and sally it. Unfortunately that solution didn't work for long. Anytime my wife, myself, or even our kids would meet somebody new we'd worry for the next sennight about them looking us up and finding out approximately our past, and they did. We tried several other reputation management companies and nothing worked. We were seriously considering changing our last name, but decided to reach out to one more association for help. I'm so thankful we did. was able to interval all of the negative publicity in a matter of weeks and has spent the past year helping us show lede our REAL story. I honorably can't fully explain the impact BrightPast had on our living. You gave us a fresh start. We will never repress operation with your team.

The reality of the matter is that without legal injunctions and the like, the piece cannot be removed from the inquire results entirely. In many cases, legal strategy often have the exact opposite effect to that intended, and bring even more attention to the test. Sure, you could also try Google Bowling it, but you're likely to just further strengthen the inform's positioning. So, what can you do?

What our clients say  . When I reached out to the team at I was in a very difficult place. There had been an contingency that interrupted the person of myself and my family to the point that we moved across the region to try and flight it. Unfortunately that solution didn't work for long. Anytime my wife, myself, or even our kids would meet somebody new we'd worry for the next sevennight approximately them looking us up and finding out about our past, and they did. We tried several other reputation management companies and nothing worked. We were seriously considering changing our last name, but decided to reach out to one more society for help. I'm so thankful we did. BrightPast was able to remove all of the negative spotlight in a importance of weeks and has exhausted the past year help us show people our REAL story. I honestly can't fully explain the impact had on our lives. You gave us a fresh start. We will never stop working with your team. Anonymous Fortune 500 Executive As everyone at knows, I've had a mix bag of luck when it comes to the media.


They've been my choice friend and a huge account for my success, but they've also transform on me a few times. When things went completely out of control last year it became more than I could impoverish with a few smiles and some good PR. I called and instantly felt that my situation would be kept confidential and that it was being handled by the right people. It completely blew me off how quickly you were fitted to change the first page of Google search results. I've never in my life been so happy to send out a monthly punishment. While I of course hope I don't have to usage you too often in the future, it's strong knowing that you are there when I need you. Thanks for everything. Anonymous Entertainment Industry In 2014 we had a order of negative events happen that were fully out of our guide.


We profess countless apologies, rectified the situation, put measures into place to make sure it NEVER occur again, and fired the people within our organization that we held amenable. Even after taking all of those steps we had some bad limelight haunting us on the first page of Google. These news reports were the LAST thing we wanted somebody seeing when they were researching our brand. It was goods a quantifiable slam on our sales. After deed everything we could on our own for a full year without any succession, we contacted to help us adjust our online reputation.

Step 1 is to consider into your options for obtention the gratify removed. Most of the time, it isn’t option to directly cancel capacity that someone else has posted online. That said, there are a handful of situations in which you can get advice removed. If your progeny falls under one of the following scenarios, then it does often make sense to pursue deletion.

News publications present a only and often monumental defiance when it comes to online information removal. Not only do most news organizations tend to be incredibly protective of their writers, their content and their sources, but they also rarely stammer to invoke the First Amendment whenever legal action or otherwise threatens the integrity or bein of something they’ve published.

Sure it’s Google’s fault if someone can get your site down from the index. Anyway, I don’t manner Google for over 2 years since they spy anywhere and everywhere and I don’t trust them. Using Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo is much better and confident for me and my familly.

You can also use your real name to register on news websites and comment on articles, although these types of place don’t tend to rank as highly as those on the sites listed above. If you’re adapted for a little self-censorship, posting under your real name can be a smart strategy for selling yourself.  Knowing that anything you say online may show up when someone Google’s you, use your postings to your advantage: postman intelligent, grammatically-correct, spell-checked, well-reasoned content.


They say (not that I really cane who 'they' are) any publicity is serviceable limelight - if the bad press has fall from a genuine 'cracked' person, you could use their size as the breath of the linkbait campaign.


This not only helps boost your own exposure, helps fix some of the reputation management issues and gives your unique insights into the situation, it also somewhat discredits the ascent of the bad press and shape it into a reputation care issue for them. 

There are a number of businesses and “consultants” popping up all over the place who claim that they can remove the negative result and fix your online presence practically overnight. However, if this person or company is focus on building your brand with long-term terminate in judgment, then they are fabling or facture a promise that they can’t necessarily keep. The fact of the matter is, nobody can control Google results.


At, we believe that success is a continuous journey, and we’ll work to reinstate and protect your reputation as if it were our own. About UsIf you can’t get the content removed directly, Step 2 is to look into deindexing.


One secret of fame management few people realize is that search engines are faultlessly capable of removing links—there’s even a process in place to handle these requests. However, search engines do not take such demand lightly, so you’ll need an air-tight case.


If we publish content on another page,for reputation managment, or any press release,and we likely it from 2nd account of google serp to bring to the 1st SERP what is better to do? link to this press with keyword anchoret-link to this press from our main domain,or from another fountain to give juice to this press.