We have the solutions you need to clean up search results for your name and repair your reputation online.  Our trusted services have helped thousands of people and businesses remove hundreds of thousands of negative links and unwanted items from the internet.


Our team can assist with these issues:

  • Negative Reviews

  • Complaints

  • Media Articles

  • Revenge Sites

  • Defamatory Content

  • Page 1 Google results

  • Google and Yelp reviews


A handful of content removal methods are commonly deployed by online reputation firms and internet privacy specialists to remove unwanted private and/or negative information from the internet.  Most of these methods can be successfully used to remove information from the internet without hiring an online reputation management company or using a internet privacy service.  However, only when certain circumstances apply do these methods work to get content removed.  Furthermore, the content removal methods we're about to look at only work when carried out properly.


Consumers, Employers, Landlords, your children , significant others, colleagues, are all searching you. Negative or defamatory online posts referencing you can cause irreparable long term damage. Bottom line, it only takes a few negative reviews to destroy your business or your personal reputation. In today’s world of online access it is essential to have an online presence that will motivate customers to contact you first and engage your services.


At Defamation Defenders, the diversity of our team's professional makeup can be seen in our interdisciplinary approach to dealing with negative press online and removing private information from the internet - i.e. online reputation repair. Here are a few tactics our team uses to remove information from the internet.


Make an Appeal to the Website Admins and Hosting Company



Google, Yahoo and other search engine providers recommend that people seeking to remove information from a website that they do not own and cannot edit or update, first try to reach out to the administrators of the website(s) from which they're seeking to remove content.  There are a number of ways we can utilize the extensive network of tools, resources and contacts we've developed during the many years we've been active in online reputation repair via negative content removal.



TOS Content Takedowns



Removing information from the internet can achieved when website's Terms of Use, or some other website policy conflicts with the content or author/poster. Our team is often able to have private information deleted off a websites using the policies stated in the website's Terms of Service (TOS), content policy, copyright policy or alike.


Legal Take Down Requests



In some cases, when certain circumstances apply, submitting legal content removal requests can suffice to get negative or unwanted information removed from websites and search engines.  Working closely with a network of leading defamation attorneys and legal specialists from around the United States, attorney drafted demands to websites, hosting companies, search engines, and alike, is one of a handful of the useful tactics in the information removal toolbox Defamation Defenders pulls from to remove unwanted, private information from websites and get negative articles, bad reviews, defamatory posts and other damaging content deleted from web search engines and off the internet for good.