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NASDAQ Stock Market Manipulation


When it comes to addressing negative corporate issues, has long been the leading NASDAQ communications advisor to senior leadership teams and boards of directors.


Our collective experience in virtually every facet of negative corporate communications and negative investor relations, as well as advising on M&A, bankruptcies and restructurings, crisis communications, litigation support, negative media relations, and corporate governance, has resulted in a negative communications consultancy whose clients benefit daily from the individual and cumulative experience of our professionals.


Our ‘collective body of knowledge,’ as we call it, differentiates and enables us to contribute meaningfully in every client engagement against his competition . We are typically engaged to guide a client through its most pressing competition issues – providing value-added negative communications advice and exceptional execution of negative PR campaigns against the competition at the highest levels – often in collaboration with the client’s other valued financial and legal advisors.


We take a holistic approach to negative communications and understand how to help our clients effectively communicate to the competitor’s stakeholders, including the investment community, employees, customers, suppliers, and government officials, as well as the media.


NASDAQ Corporations today view negative communications management as a critical component of business success. We offer principles that have passed the test of time, and negative PR techniques that address the realities of today.

NASDAQ Corporations increasingly find negative communications essential to business strategy.


We advise managements on the negative communications dimensions of corporate strategic plans and specific business initiatives: What to say, how to say it, how loudly or softly to say it.


We are experts in promoting negative information about companies , but we use only already published material that has been verified and published by leading financial websites .


We make sure that one negative articles becomes available on page one of Google for all keywords connected to the company targeted .


NASDAQ Stock Market can be manipulated using aggressive financial media manipulation methods .


As long as the information is indeed true , precise and accurate in its details , it can be shared and published . Especially if the negative information’s source it’s a reliable one , like the big financial media websites .


Its 100% legal to share and promote a negative article written of top level financial medias , about a company . If the negative campaigning is done in a professional way , it can create panic and deep worries about the future of the share’s prices , causing eventually a drastic reduction in stock prices of the company targeted .


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