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#Short Sellers Targeting magicJack VocalTec Ltd  (NASDAQ:CALL)


MagicJack is not going to be able to grow its earnings as the last earnings report was a disaster !

Facebook's possible VoIP initiative and its Messenger initiative are two new catalysts that will crush magicJack this year.


The major problem of competition is going to be the downfall of magicJack.


EXTREMELY NEGATIVE FACTORS : magicJack unimpressive growth in net income, a generally disappointing performance in the stock itself and feeble growth in the company's earnings per share.


Besides having VoIP on Messenger, Facebook has recently added this feature to its WhatsApp texting app. Considering the fact that this new feature has been added after Facebook bought WhatsApp, it gives you the clue that Facebook feels voice calling should be a priority for the company. WhatsApp has 700 million monthly active users.


MagicJack reported bad numbers across the board with active subscribers declining from 2.86 million to 2.75 million.


magicJack user growth is shrinking - in the shadow of the company's lack of competitiveness to other, comparable services like Viber, WeChat, and FaceTime.


Initiatives including the launch of the texting app, the expansion into Mexico, and the roll-out of a SMB product were all delayed.


T-Mobile and Apple are partnering to produce cell phones that have calling and texting service that works over Wi-Fi.This service will be free, which means it can cause significant problems for magicJack.Verizon and At&T plan on offering this service next year.



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