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Webcide.com is the first and only online reputation management company that permanently removes negative search results about you and your business from Google , Yahoo and Bing .


We have the technical know how , on how to take down negative articles , blogs and reviews , from the Internet.


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Generally, defamation is a knowingly false statement of fact that is damaging to the reputation of a person or business.  There are two types of defamation: spoken (slander) and written (libel).


Although it is not currently a legal term of art, a third category of defamation or rather, a sub-category of libel, has emerged in recent years and has been coined “Twibel.” Twibel isn’t strictly limited to libel appearing on Twitter, however.  It includes any libelous statement that appears on the Internet in any forum.


When you get attacked online, we act quickly to defend your good name. The Internet Defamation Lawyers at Webcide.com use proprietary legal techniques for protecting your personal image through our online reputation management strategies that have proven results to resolve the issue quickly.


We make you look positive online fast and efficiently.


Personal reputation management is a must in today’s society. We live a new world that allows people to post unflattering and disparaging remarks that tarnish your good name.


The fact that many posts are untrue and likely posted by a competitor or ex-employee does not

matter to the search engines. 


Want to remove defamation from Google?


Do you need  Internet Defamation Removal Attorneys ?


How Do You Remove Defamatory or Libelous Content from the Internet?


Can you remove online defamation using  lawyers ?

Do you need urgently an internet libel attorney ?


We have the answers to your questions . What do people see when they search for you online? 


It is important that what is online reflects who you are and helps promote your personal brand to the world, perspective clients and employers. Let us bury unfair and inaccurate content.


Take control of way you look online! Get Results Quickly.


One important element to consider before commencing a lawsuit is your ability to prove your damages.  In any complex litigation, this may be a daunting task.  Establishing reputational damage in a defamation case will often require a good amount of evidence.  Depending on the laws of your jurisdiction, if you can establish defamation per se, which includes injurious statements about another’s trade, business, or profession, damages are typically presumed.


Over 75% of people conduct a basic online search prior to ordering a product or engaging with a company. 


The way your business looks online and the “first impression” clients receive is priceless.  Publish your companies message online and take control of the way clients see your brand.


A resume is not the only tool employers use during the hiring process, 90% of employers use search engines to look at prospective employees.  In a competitive job market, it is important to control the way you look

online and separate yourself from the competition with positive content and profiles.


How will you be remembered online?  




Email us the links you wish to remove permanently from the Internet , our legal and cyber team will analyze the webpages and will get back to you with removal solutions .


Can This Negative Information Be Removed?


In determining the answer to that question, there are several additional questions to consider.  Has your business been affected by the content?  Has there been any actual harm to your business that you can prove?  Have you lost customers or received inquiries that likely stemmed from the negative content?


Depending on your answer, you may be able to convince the webhost/ISP/website to redact some or all the content, particularly if it violates any of the site’s Terms or is particularly objectionable.


Depending on the laws of your jurisdiction and the specific facts of your situation, there may also be potential claims that your counsel could threaten – and prosecute – against the individual, such as intentional interference with prospective business relations, tortious interference with contract, etc.



As an attorney specializing in Internet marketing law and litigation, I frequently receive questions relating to the removal of negative, defamatory and/or infringing material from the Internet. 


Typical questions include:


  • An anonymous person is posting defamatory statements about my company. What can I do to find out who it is and put a stop to it?

  • A former employee has a blog that frequently vents about our company.

  • Do we have any legal remedies against him?

  • My personal photographs are being used online without my permission. How can I get them removed?


As you undoubtedly know, there is a website for pretty much everything. 

That includes numerous websites that serve as forums for users to post business reviews and others specifically dedicated to business complaints.  While individuals have strong First Amendment rights to speak out against businesses (and other people), the line often is crossed when those words are intentionally false.


Services Offered


Online Defamation Assessment and Removal
Social Media Defamation Assessment and Removal
Libel or Slander Review and Assessment with Libel LawyerAnti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation)
Defamation Litigation
Section 230 of Communications Decency Act Analysis
Revenge Porn Representation


Internet defamation runs rampant in today’s highly networked web space. If you’ve been the victim of online slander—personally or in business—our Internet defamation attorneys want you to know that you DO have options.It’s extremely important in today’s connected society to protect and maintain your online reputation—don’t let a single defamatory comment turn potential clients away.Our Internet Defamation lawyers have proven experience handling online defamation cases of all scales.


Internet defamation is such a hard-hitting form of slander simply because its effects are so far-reaching—anyone who has access to a computer and the internet could stumble upon the
defamatory comments(s) made against you and, according to statistics, 78% of the

American population is now connected.


Combined with the fact that more people are taking product and service reviews into consideration prior to making purchases or hiring service providers gives you more than a justified reason to maintain your good name.

Put our experience to work for your business to protect your reputation.


An attorney handling an internet defamation case has much bigger challenges than when defamation occurs off-line. Identifying web-site owners can present a challenge. Futher, identifying the individual that authored the post can be even more difficult. Identifying the poster is important as the Communications Decency Act may provide protection against laws suits to the owner of the web-site. There are many specific strategies and procedures for dealing with defamatory statements on the internet.


Many strategies require expertise in back-end DNS, domain registrars, domain registrant search, proxy services, Section 230 Immunity under the Communications Decency Act, User Generated Content, IP tracking, ISP subpoenas and related issues under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.


If you find yourself involved on a defamation case on the Internet, contact our technology law attorneys today. Our Internet defamation lawyers can help you learn more about your options.



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