Webcide.com is the first and only online reputation management company that permanently removes negative search results about you and your business from Google , Yahoo and Bing .


How to UnGoogle Yourself ?  


Do you need Internet Reputation Management Services ?  


The real question is how to remove your personal information from Google ?  We mean really to completely remove it .


Because this is the only real way to remove your name from search engines , permanently .

How to get your address off the internet ?

How do I block my name from being searched on Google ?


The solution is only and exclusive one : remove permanently webpages that includes your name on them .


Webcide.com Online Reputation Repair , is the first and only reputation management company that permanently removes negative search results from Google .  


We have the needed know how , for Ungoogling you forever .


How to Completely Disappear From the Internet ?


Its a process , that may takes up to 6 months , within this period , we will remove each and every webpage that your name is mentioned in .


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At Webcide.com we understand the importance of having positive online content and want to share why it is important and how to improve your online public relations. 


Examples of content that can often be de-indexed


Web content that can be removed from search engine indexes includes:


Copyright infringement

Child abuse images

Social security numbers

Bank account numbers

Credit card numbers

Signature images

Sexually explicit imagery that has been posted without consent


If a particular piece of content meets the guidelines above, then we may well be able to have it completely removed from Google. However, de-indexing is unusual and is often difficult to accomplish. To that end, it is crucial to have experience and expertise to navigate the process.


Every day, more people search for companies online before they decide to be a patron. In a survey conducted lately, it was determined that 88% of consumers regularly read reviews for local businesses. That number jumps to 98% when looking solely at people between the ages of 18-38. 


Some of the negative information found on the web can cause great damage, yet it may not strictly fall under these categories. Information that harms your reputation, whether it's your personal reputation or that of your company, is extremely difficult to de-index. Even in cases when the information is probably not true.


There are other reputation management strategies that can help you to improve the overall sentiment of your search rankings.


This shows that the newest demographic of adults who have grown up in the internet age are the ones that research companies online the most. As more and more members of Generation Z become adults, these numbers will only increase. In addition, 88% of people trust online reviews as much as in-person recommendations. 


Does Google remove personal data?


Yes, but it depends on the kind of data. Google is willing to remove personal information, again through a simple web form application.


Google may consider removing the following information:


Government-issued identification numbers

Information used for common financial transactions

Information that could lead to financial harm or identity theft

Information considered confidential


With so many people looking up your company online, having negative content being the first thing that people see is often the make or break moment for a sale. To us, the importance of a positive online image is everything. Unlike the news where things naturally fade away with time, the internet can keep stories relevant for years. If left unaddressed, negative content can be the catalyst for large problems down the line.


Especially with online content, people are looking to see more than just a corporate persona that is uncaring or uninterested in their customer base. Rather people are looking for companies to engage with them online


Having a brand image management on social media is important as it reflects your company and your values, however, the most important part of a brand personality is that it is consistent. A study showed that the reputations that people find the best on social media are “Honest”, and “Friendly”. The most important part of online public relations management is to ensure that your company remains engaged with your online community and that the content you create is of the consistent quality of work.


Webcide.com Negative Public Relations Agency has a long track record of success when it comes to helping to repair company and personal reputations. We can help you in your endeavors to de-index harmful information online. We can also help in cases when de-indexing requests have been denied. Repairing your online reputation is not easy, and what worked yesterday may not work today. But help is at hand – we successfully transform online reputations every day. Contact us to get started today.


Removal from Googles Index

De-indexing Google or Bing results is the internet equivalent of removing your house from all maps. It is different than NoIndexing. With de-indexing the site is removed from the search engine index, but not from the source web page. Both NoIndexing and DeIndexing have the same effect though - both remove search results from Google or Bing (or Yahoo).


NoIndex in the Robots.txt File

If you're going to use a NoIndex tag to make a page disappear from search results you must use it on the page, and not in your robots.txt file. As of September 1st, Google will have done away with the use of the tag in that location. This apparently doesn't apply to the page-specific version as mentioned above.


NoIndex Search Results

The NoIndex tag is the online equivalent of painting lambs blood on your door. NoIndexing is when a webmaster adds a tag to a page without taking it down. Instead of removing the page, they simply add a tag to it. That way the page can still be read by people using the site, but doesn't show up in search.


In conclusion, at Webcide.com we know that the importance of maintaining a positive online PR campaign cannot be overstated. For many people, it is the first line of contact a potential customer or client will make with the company and if that interaction is negative, the sale could be over before it even began. By building a positive online reputation, not only do you help to combat any potential negatives you currently have but for future proof yourself by building up a bank of goodwill that will help to mitigate future issues.