Removing Negative Online Reputation is possible.

We strongly believe that with the right approach you can force news websites to

remove bad press about you or your company. 

Yes, there is also a good chance that nothing will happen and they will never remove the article.

In that case, there are today, a lot of tools to suppress the negative information on Google.


#FakeNews is one of them. Look how Fake News is influencing the public opinion.


You can use it to your own advantage. Yes, indeed, creating stories about you

and false profiles is 100% legitimate when you need to fight negative search results.


Make no mistakes about it, bad search results destroy your life.

It is entirely correct to say that your future is also in the hands of your Google search results. 

We do not call it ‘spreading fake news’ but rather ‘Impression Management’. 

Online reputation management specialists need to embrace the change and stop being ethical.  

Online PR is becoming a cyberwarfare, controlling the people’s minds.  

You also want to weave in subconscious communication by having credible people

and organizations say good things about you.

This effect on the subconscious is created with Fake News,

Misinformation, PR Chaos.


We create a Master Communications Plans for our clients, an internal document that

describes their goals and outlines an impression management strategy.

What do we mean when we say: creating” fake news about yourself and your firm”?

Generating false news stories, often of a sensational nature, created to be widely shared or distributed

for the purpose of promoting a public figure, political movement, company, etc.

The modern ‘fake news’ phenomenon has altered the electorate's relationship to current affairs,

and has affected the democratic process by fabricating erroneous data and disseminating substandard political journalism. So, it will 100% sure that it will also affect your personal online reputation or your company’s reputation. 


Fake News, this is our expertise.


Taking a nice picture of yourself using an app that will improve your look and filter out all flaws is totally legitimate. But it is a fake version of yourself.

You look bad but enhance your look artificially.


We artificially enhance your online reputation.

Fake version of yourself, but drastically improved.

If Google is your business card, let us design it.