The best way to remove PissedConsumer complaints from your Google Search Results, is to push those negative search results out of the first two pages of Google.


90% of people check only page one of Google . Another 9% go to page 2. 


Only 1% will check page 3. 


So that the trick is to remove the negative complaint from the first two pages. 


Why not to try to remove them directly from the PissedConsumer website? The process is long and complicated, quite expensive and let's say that the post has been removed, after your long legal fight ....what happens if a new post will be published? 


Then what? Are you going to start new legal procedures? 


So that the only feasible solution is to bury those negative search results behind page two. 


This can be achieved in one way only : creating top level content over time . 


This is what we do at 


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