Every year thousands of individuals are wrongfully arrested or their charges were dropped immediately, yet they still struggle with seeing their dreaded mugshots within the search results. 


Whether or not you have ever been convicted of an arrest, individuals are starting to see their mugshot and criminal history on websites across the web. Regardless of the outcome. This has created an epidemic in the online world as individuals have nowhere to turn for help. Until now.


If you have an arrest, like it or not the information within your charges and case documents are public information. Meaning anyone with a connection to the internet is able to access your private information. 


Many states are beginning to implement statues and legislation to protect those affected by these publications however we rarely see the courts side with the plaintiffs as the information posted (as long as the website does not demand payment) they are within their legal rights to distribute this type of content. 


Some states such as California have stopped releasing the mugshot photos to the general public however these mugshot publication websites continue to post the arrest details without a photo.


The repercussions people face due to these posts can be detrimental to their life. Not for health reasons of course. However seeing a mugshot on the first page of Google may make it difficult to obtain a new job, get approved for a loan, buy a new home, applying to college or even try online dating. 


Your reputation is your best advertisement and here at NetReputation, we make it our mission to make you look like an all-star online. 


Since these websites do not disclose the legal outcome of any particular arrest, it is left up to the person viewing your arrest online to make the assumption of whether you were guilty or not.


Most people also feel that even if you were convicted of any allegations and have served your time that these publications can severely impact your well-being. Others believe these websites are doing the community around them a favor. 


We will let you form your own opinion however we can both agree that payment for removal online is unethical. NetReputation was formed with the sole purpose of assisting individuals to rebuild and restore their online presence through high-quality and engaging content.


Having a mugshot online can be detrimental to your overall success in life. Forget about finding a better job, buying a new home or if you’re single, dating can even be a struggle. Everyone turns to Google for answers to all of their questions. Our job is to make sure that information is up-to-date and relevant, giving you the second chance you deserve.


Before we dive into how to remove arrest records online, let’s talk about why your mugshot is appearing on Google in the first place.


If you have not already come across your arrest records or mugshot on sites such as Google. Try searching your name in various ways.


One of the best and easiest ways to locate your mugshot and arrest record information online is by typing in the following. *For the purpose of this example please switch your full name where we use ‘John Doe’.


After visiting Google, there is a single search bar where you are free to search anything you desire. You do not have to go in order however here are some of the most popular ways we find arrest records on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


After you have successfully located your mugshot, be sure that you are searching many variations of your name as it is likely your arrest record has been published on multiple mugshot publishing sites.


Here are a few to search directly if you are still unsure:


  • Mugshots.com

  • Arrests.org

  • Rapsheets.org

  • BustedNewspaper.com

  • BustedMugshots.com


Each mugshot website will either have a Terms & Conditions page or a Privacy Policy Agreement where you are able to learn how you can successful remove or opt out of having your arrest records on their domain.


Many sites will offer a free removal or case update if your charges have been dropped, dismissed, or expunged. If this is you, a simple email to the webmaster should get your mugshot off their website.

If no options appear you will need to either call them directly or use a WHOIS tool to uncover their contact information. We highly recommend using DomainTools or ICANN during this process.


After utilizing the tools given above to find more contact information about the owner of a particular website. Reach out to them to seek all possible removal options. This process may take time so stay persistent until you get the answers you want. However, it is important that you remain calm through all lines of communication and do not come off as threatening or rude.


Send a polite email requesting them to remove your information. Do not threaten or demand that you mugshot and booking information must be removed. Remember, these websites are under no legal obligation to remove your arrest records online so sending an angry email will most likely find its way to their trash folder, quickly.


Most of the time if your arrest in older than 5-10 years your chances are much greater of having them comply to your request.


To further assist your efforts in removing arrest records online it is wise to create various social media accounts in efforts to “flood” Google’s search results. This can be easily accomplished by uploading pictures of yourself to Facebook, Tumblr, Crunchbase and many other social platforms that rank favorably amongst the search results.


Here is a list of our top 10 do-follow social media platforms we highly recommend you create these now to get rid of your arrest records on the first page of Google.

  • Facebook

  • WhatsApp

  • Messenger

  • LinkedIn

  • Google+

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Snapchat

  • Quora