You don't have to let a negative news article ruin your online reputation.  Although some people believe there's no remedy to recover a bad internet reputation after a negative news story has been picked up by the press and published in an online newspaper article where it's easily discoverable via Google, Bing and other search engines.  Google and other search engines recommend that you attempt to get in contact with the administrator of the news websites that have published the negative article about you or your company and request that they delete the derogatory story.  Because the administrator's of online news publications can be difficult to find and get a hold of, and because even if you do successfully get in touch with an admin of the news sites in question, they're typically reluctant, if not downright unwilling, to accommodate request to remove content, this option seldom produces the desirable results.  


In most cases, the attempt to identify and contact website administrators of online news publications results in a wild goose-chase or a disappointing denial to remove the negative article.


Business owners and entrepreneurs understand how important their reputation is. A positive reputation means that a business can attract higher caliber employees, build a better relationship with their clients and customers, and charge a higher premium for their products and services. Conversely, a negative reputation can do permanent harm to your brand and turn customers away.


One typical challenge that businesses face in today’s era of social media is from bad reviews or blog posts. While I typically recommend that business owners ignore a single negative review, as trying to get it removed might backfire and draw more unwanted attention, sometimes a review, post, or article goes too far and rises to the level of defamation. In some cases, an unscrupulous individual will even create fake reviews to harm a competitor. In such instances, a professional online reputation specialist becomes essential.


Naturally, past clients are unable to publically testify regarding successful case studies, as their confidentiality is of the utmost importance to them. However, I can share a couple of positive examples that highlight the benefits of Online Reputation Management (ORM).


Another common approach to removing defamatory news articles from Google Search and the internet is to consult with an attorney.  Seeking legal counsel to remove news articles only works if at least one of the following is applicable: 



If you're interested in learning more about how Reverse SEO is used in online reputation management for internet reputation repair via search engine suppression this article does a good job of explaining what Reverse SEO, search engine suppression and online reputation management are and how they can help you combat negative newspaper articles and other bad press on internet searches.


  • The news article contains statements that are demonstrably false and defamatory 

  • The news article copied from a source that is the rightful copyright owner of the content contained in the article.  

  • If (1) applies to your situation, click here to learn more about submitting a legal content removal request to Google.  If (2) is applicable, click here to learn how to use a DMCA takedown request to remove news from a website.


    In most cases, for people trying to remove negative news, neither (1) nor (2) apply, leaving the victim of the negative news publication with no legal recourse to take to get the story removed.  This leads us to a third option: use the services of a third-party online reputation management or content removal service.  

  • What follows is only a very brief explanation of how Reverse SEO works to bury negative news articles on search engines like Google.  For our current purposes however, it should suffice.  


    By pushing negative articles down on search engine results pages, such companies are able to hide harmful content published by major news sites and by doing so greatly reduce the online visibility of negative news stories on Google Search.  Because only a very small (less than 10%) of people go past Page 2 of search results when performing a query on Google or another Search Engine, burying negative articles with the search engine reputation management tactics adopted by these firms is often sufficient to repair an internet reputation that's been tarnished by an old newspaper publication showing up on the web


    Google has created a reporting mechanism that allows victims of fraudulent news stories to seek their removal. Of course, the most straightforward way to permanently eliminate an unwanted or defamatory Google search result is to completely eliminate it from the internet. If there’s nothing for Google to link to, then anyone searching for your name or business will no longer see the damaging information.

    If this is not possible, Google policy states that they will remove the following information:

  • Social Security numbers

  • Bank account numbers

  • The process for removal can be straightforward in certain cases, but other times, you will be required to provide information corroborating your claim or prove to Google the defamatory nature of the offending content. This is where an online reputation specialist comes in. I work with all my clients to develop a strategy of eliminating or minimizing the offending information and, whether it’s a DMCA request, Google’s automated removal process, or some other approach, assist you all the way through to a successful conclusion.

  • Credit card numbers

  • Images of signatures

  • Nude or sexually explicit images that were uploaded or shared without your consent

  • Confidential, personal medical records of private people (

  • Content that violates the law


How to push down negative search results from google?


1. Create a website

· Buy a domain name on your brand/business name or your name. You can buy them very cheap on

· Create a website with the name and the content to be focused on the name too

· Do SEO to rank high on google

2. Create social media profiles

· Create a facebook profile

· Create a twitter profile

· Maybe a tumblr account

3. Never write about the negative items. Try to always focus on the positive.

4. Contact an online reputation company to help you with the strategy in burying the online article.


Creating good quality content on high ranking websites is the key to getting good traffic and good results.


Clients who contact us have a variety of reasons why they want to get articles permanently deleted from Google.


Typical problems negative stories create for businesses include:

  • Loss of business

  • Decrease in web traffic

  • Negative company image

  • Consumer trust


For individuals, the problems range widely including:

  • Inability to find employment

  • Problems doing business deals (typical for investors and entrepreneurs)

  • Deletion of mugshots or unflattering images

  • Removal of legal cases