When businesses and brands find a negative search result, they panicked, which is quite a natural thing to do. They immediately hire someone to do negative SEO, which is the worst thing you can to your reputation. Negative SEO won’t improve your reputation. If you want real results, then you should hire someone to remove and push down the negative search results.


Hiring inexperienced reputation manager can be a big problem. These people use reputation management tactics which are outdated and will impact negative story shows up higher in search.


If you cannot afford to hire someone, then this guide is all that you need to improve your online reputation.


What is a negative search result?


A page in the search result that is giving negative or false information about a business or an individual. Negative search results can damage Internet reputation of a business or an individual. This will lead to huge revenue loss and sometimes complete bankruptcy of a corporation. Repairing that Internet reputation is called ‘online reputation management’.


How to remove negative search results by contacting webmaster?


Important: If the website is shaddy extortion based website then never contact the webmaster. They will replicate the content.


This online reputation management strategy rarely works but worth give it a try.


Negative results can be removed from Google and other search engines. Here’s how:


  • Find and download all the search results from at least 10 pages.

  • Find webmaster’s email. Or use who.is to find the information.

  • Contact a site owner to remove that negative page from their site.

  • Search result removal strategy has a very low success rate.


That’s why most reputation managers prefer the push-down strategy to get negative information hidden deep down in Google.


Because nearly no one goes to the second page of Google when searching things.