If your crime or case has been reported on one of the online news websites , even if it’s a minor felony , you are in big trouble .


Why ?  Because those articles will continue to show up , when people will google your name , for the rest of your life .


It is something that you need to remove permanently , and please make no mistakes about it : search engine optimization tricks , or trying some reputation management methods for burying or suppressing the negative search results , by publishing positive ones , will not work .


Google are not stupid , and all those dirty tricks used by all reputation management companies , do not work anymore .


They can create an illusion that your reputation has been enhanced by their work , but remember this is only temporary .


Google will always put on page one all the negative search results . So let’s say that for a while , a PR company published some content that get ranked high on Google .   


Do you really think it will stick there ?  For always?


Bad Joke !  Your negative search results will surface back after a few weeks and those positive search results with be pushed out of page one .


So what can be done in regards ?


Just two solutions : either the website hosting those webpages , will remove them from their servers OR Google will de-index them from their search results .


Only those two options will help to clean up your damaged only reputation .


The Google algorithm is built in such a way , that it ranks first the negative search results , always !   Why ? Because people loves negative news , and Google serve the public , not you .


In addition Google is selling ads on those pages , so that if you are for example an auto dealer , and a potential client checked your reputation on Google, and found out that you have very bad reviews , he will need to find a reliable auto dealer ,  and Google will place automatically auto dealers ads on that results page of yours .    You see : you are the bad guy and they offer the public the good guy to deal with .


So , wake up and start taking actions against online articles and posts , that are damaging your reputation .


Online reputation is everything because today , actually everyone is checking on Google before buying a product , make an hotel or restaurant reservation or thinking about hiring you .


Even if there are 8 positive search results and 2 bad ones , they will run away from you  , they will not even take the chance to deal with you .


Why the need to take risks , if there are dozens of competitors out there , with a better reputation than yours .


Contact our team of reputation repair experts for a free and confidential consultation .  We will be happy to show you in real time , how your negative search results can be de indexed from Google .


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