How to remove negative information on Google


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The first negative information you see , while googling your name , this means , you need immediately to get rid off this, permanently.

Please do not want till this negative information get ranked on top of Google page one , for your name's results , because from the latest studies , people check the first 4 search results and consider them the most relevant .

Please note : the first 4 results on page one .  We are not speaking about the first 4 pages .  Remember that 90% of people check only page one . Most of them read fast the 4 top search results  on this page ., as a company , can give best result in removing personal information,
complaints, reviews, videos, news articles, blogs, Images etc. permanently from websites and popular search engine .

The removal process is long , and takes about 6 months . Please do not believe in fast solutions The legal takedown procedures are complicated and takes time .


Then the technical part of it like de-indexing from Google, Yahoo and Bing , takes also a lot of time , because the de-listing process needs to cover all servers , on  a Worldwide basis .

Those are the types of content removal services available :

Removal from search engine on relevant keyword: By this we mean de-indexing of your negative search results from the 3 major search engines ( Google, Yahoo and Bing) .

Negative links independently of the website hosting them  ,will be removed on relevant keyword , securing that all search engine results under your name or keyword connected to your name , will be 100% clean of any type of negative information.

We deal only with Permanent removals from 3 major search engines : Google, Bing, Yahoo  .


This search engine de-listing service  is the most popular as search results in popular search engine are actually your  the first impression online , like your business card  and search engines are the only way that people can access the negative information .


Our technology, lets you control your online “appearance”


Google today is indeed  the very first impression of yours and your business , we can eliminate all types of negative news, blogs,posts and reviews permanently from any search engine .


These links will never resurface back on your Google search results .  Our removals are lifetime guaranteed. is also involved in the Permanent removal of articles and posts , from popular social media platforms  and from  blog websites like Wordpress and Blogger 


Defamation and Libel  content can be removed permanently removed , through legal procedures , from following websites :Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogger

Permanent removal from third party websites:- if the negative content is being hosted by third party websites , this one is toughest takedowns to achieve , and the costs are much higher .


We have removed , the last year ,  thousands of  news articles and negative reviews  from popular news websites, complaint websites, reviews websites like Yelp,,, mugshots websites , etc.


The process is quite similar to the one adopted on the de-indexing procedures . But here we deal with private websites that do not comply with laws , regulations and sometimes court orders .  So in difficult cases , when the website refuse to remove the webpage that contains the defamation or fake information , we need to start an aggressive campaign against them and the direct owners of the website .  We start a lawsuit and include in it even all the family members of the owners of the website , because we want their names to appear on Google . 


This usually is their breaking point , at that moment , they almost always agree to remove the negative content from their websites , because their family reputation is in stake .


Is it legal ?  Of course , you can file a lawsuit against someone , no problem with that at all . We do not sue them for winning at the court , we file a lawsuit against their family members because we want that their personal names will be connected to defamation lawsuits , for millions of dollars .    We send then a press release to hundreds of press agencies . The result is that they become so afraid to lose their good name , that they immediately remove the webpages , we asked them to remove .


If a website is helping someone to ruin your good name , we do not have ethical problems to transform their own reputation in a very bad one .


If they feel that they are covered by their legal rights to publish fake information , we feel the same .


We are experts in negative public relations . If you google now the search term “ negative public relations”  , you will see that we are on top of page one . This is due to the fact that we are the number one authority in the World , in the field of negative campaigning .

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