How to remove negative articles and blogs from Google ?


Dealing with Negative Search Results ? Learn How to Get Rid of the Bad Stuff .


How To Remove a Newspaper Article That is Negative From Google ?


How to remove negative articles and blogs from Google ?

How to remove negative content from Google ?

Are you asking yourself "how to remove negative information from the internet" ?

Yes , we can show you how to remove negative newspaper articles from the web !

Yes , its indeed possible to remove negative content from Google search .


Today You Can Remove Unwanted Blog Pages From Google using


Suppression is merely a temporary solution and does not have the same lasting effects as legal content removal. Suppression is never a permanent solution and should only be utilized as a last resort.

Suppression does not permanently hide content, because search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. This means you may effectively suppress content to page 5 of search results on one day, but the next day the content may move back to page one. As a result, suppression is a constant battle.

With suppression, you’ll constantly be looking over your shoulder, waiting for the content to reappear on page one of your search results. It’s a continuous threat, and once you stop suppressing content, it will likely creep its way back up on your search results. Since most suppression service providers charge recurring monthly fees, the cost of suppression can quickly get out of hand.


If I Wait Long Enough the Content Will Just Go Away?

Unfortunately, this is not how the internet works. If you ignore something or think it will just disappear from your search results magically, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

There is little to no chance content will disappear on its own. There have been some cases, where a website will shut down and the content subsequently goes away, but this only happens about 1% of the time.


Removing content from the internet is not free or easy. The old adage is true, “if it was easy, everybody would be doing it!”

Costs can increase substantially if litigation is necessary to get the content removed. Unfortunately, predicting the exact costs of litigation is nearly impossible, because pricing is dependent on multiple variables. If you’d like to learn more about the costs involved in a defamation lawsuit, check out our article on the topic. We go into great detail about all the factors that impact costs, and how you may be able to save money.

Even if you don’t go the litigation route and attempt to suppress the content, total costs are hard to predict. As previously mentioned, suppression is often an ongoing activity that you’ll have to pay for month-to-month. The costs of keeping content suppressed can even exceed the costs of litigation.


Defamatory Communication is any communication that harms the reputation of another person or tends to lower his respect or confidence in the community. Defamation can be categorized as libel or slander. Libel may be words or pictures that are written or printed.


Slander is defamatory words that are spoken or heard. If such words or pictures tend to cause a person to be viewed by others with feelings of hatred, contempt, ridicule, fear, or dislike, they are considered defamatory.


Defamation laws vary from state to state, but generally a person must prove that a statement was defamatory to make a claim. Most states also recognize that certain statements are defamatory per se, and therefore no proof is needed.


These may include:
• Allegations that harm a person’s trade, profession or professional standing;
• Allegations that a person is infected with a sexually transmitted disease;
• Allegations that an unmarried person is unchaste;
• Allegations of criminal activity.