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If you want to remove negative articles from Google, then you have to the right place. Here is the ultimate guide to removing negative articles from Google.In the old days, it was easy to get rid of negative articles with the use of money to the newspaper reporting any negative press against an individual and even company.

Through the passage of time, we have become more accustomed to using the internet to search for results and do not rely on the newspaper. In the digital age of today, removing negative articles is not as easy as it seems due to range of the internet. News can be shared with millions around the around with the click of a button and it has become harder to remove negative articles from the internet.


Google is the place where we all search for results and that is why it is important to remove negative articles from googles. The internet is a place where whatever is posted will be there and techniques need to be employed to remove such negative articles which may damaged a person or company’s reputation and goodwill in the market.

When a newspaper website posts content which is hurtful and even defamatory towards you or your company, the legal process of getting it removed may take a while and the damage can already be done. It is important to find a solution to solve the problem rather instantly than to wait around for the court to make a decision. It is possible to remove the content from the newspaper website or a website which publishes defamatory content against you but it is even more important to remove the negative article from Google or push it down.


Remove search results with the best services out there. The search results might be bringing you down which is why it is important to hire the services of the best team out there who will have the search results removed in a short period of time.


Talk with one of the specialists who will protect your reputation as well increase sales through the process of having the negative search results removed. It is important to have sensitive or defamatory information removed. The team uses the best content removal applications to help remove the negative search results which may be bringing you down. Clients are given the best service to ensure that the search results are removed.


It is necessary to first identify all the negative, libelous, inflammatory and defamatory content and understand all the content and language used according to Google’s Content and User Contribution Policy so as to be able to use the right techniques to have the articles removed from Google.


The next thing that needs to be done is have everything documented. In order to ensure that the documentation is complete, one needs to compile all the links of the websites which have shared the negative content, take screenshots of the articles published on the websites and to even have someone you trust create a supporting documentation compilation for better chances of success.


After you have studied Google’s Content and User Contribution            Policy and understand all the contents of the negative articles as per Google’s policy, it is time to contact Google or the organization that posted the negative content online and to request them to have the content removed as per Google’s policies.


Once you have informed Google or the organization which had posted the negative content, it is time to contact the best defamation company to handle the negative content and manage the contacting of Google or the organization for removing of the content, especially incase if it is not removed.


In case the article does not get removed from the search results from Google, one may have to request the publisher to have the negative article altered or modified to ensure that there is nothing defamatory in the article against your interests.


Contacting an experienced content removal company to remove negative content is compulsory to ensure that your rights are protected and that there are no articles on the internet which are defamatory towards you.


It is important for you to identify that the content published is defamatory towards you before contacting the organization that published the defamatory content. Sometimes Google’s Content and User Contribution Policy might not contain all the necessary provisions which you need to know in order to ensure that negative content is removed.


Here are some ways to determine that the content is negative and against your legitimate interests:

  • Read the content to check if it contains any information which may be defamatory, false, libelous and provides a wrong impression of what is said.

  • Check to ensure whether the content posted is old or new.

  • Check to ensure whether the information is inaccurate or misleading in any way.

  • Read to ensure if the content of the article asks for any offensive responses from readers.

  • Make sure that the organization published your name in the article has been written with or without your consent in order to profit from your name or the false news.

  • Next, check to make sure that the content of the article does not violate any existing trademark or copyright laws.

  • Read to ensure if the article contains any of your personal information such as your ID card details or debit card details or any sensitive information which is crucial to protect your identity from identity theft.

  • Finally, you need to check to which websites have published negative articles against your interests.


These are some of the ways to ensure that the content which has been published online is against your legal interests and that you have a right to sue or have the articles removed immediately.


Legally (and ethically) attorneys cannot hack into a website or server to remove content. In fact, you can get into serious trouble if you get caught trying this.


Beyond the legal repercussions, there is no guarantee that the removed content will not appear again. This means you could be putting yourself in legal hot water and still not fully remove the content.


Likewise, there is no magical delete button or trick to removing content. No one entity or individual has the power to simply remove content from the internet. The only truly effective way to remove content is to work with a professional who has content removal experience.


Experienced internet attorneys and defamation lawyers specialize in finding unique and legal methods to remove content from all types of online sources. At, we understand every client and legal issue is unique, and utilize extensive investigative and legal know-how to find the right type of solution for you and your legal situation.


Content Removal Fact: Court ordered removals are directions issued by a court or judge which require a party or website to do or not do something. Court ordered content removals are extremely effective tools that a large percentage of companies, websites, and search engines respect and enforce.


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Unfortunately, many removal services are not guaranteed.

When working with a third party such as a newspaper website, someone’s blog, or someone’s social media profile, guarantees cannot be made. This is because the websites and posters are not obligated to remove content from their own platforms.


If a removal service or law firm tells you their removals are guaranteed, please be wary. Nothing in life is guaranteed, especially on the internet.