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If information posted on a website is defamatory, but the author is unable and the website is unwilling to voluntarily remove the information (like Ripoff Report), options are still available to effectuate its removal.  A little known remedy that circumvents this dilemma is obtaining a court order to remove specific website URLs from search engines results.Google remains the "King Maker" of the internet, and if your business has negative Search Results then you can expect to remain in the dungeon of profitability. We understand that search equals sales, and our goal is to make sure that your business remains extremely competitive on the internet.It is important to get expert advice from a qualified lawyer.  Internet libel law is a complicated area of the law. 


There are tricky limitation periods, multi-jurisdictional issues, technological pitfalls with the way search engines work, and technical and legal issues surrounding anonymity.  Moreover,  not everything that is insulting or hurtful will constitute defamation.  An experienced defamation lawyer will be able to quickly advise you if you have a case and the best way of proceeding.  A public relations expert can help you with managing the damage.  A competent search engine optimizer can help you determine the scope of the damage and ways of potentially burying the defamation.  A brief meeting with an experienced defamation lawyer from the outset can avoid many problems, limit the damage, and save money in the long run.


Here’s how it works: the harmed party must sue the individual that authored the information and obtain a valid court order declaring the content on the website defamatory and/or illegal.  The court order can then be presented to a search engine, like Google, which voluntarily removes websites containing defamatory content from its search results upon being presented with a valid court order.

Although the content remains on the website where it was originally posted, once it is removed from search engine results it is essentially gone for most practical purposes.  The content will not be viewed unless someone goes to the exact URL address or happens to search the website where the content is located.


In this age of the internet, a vast segment of our lives are filtered through search engines like Google.Our office consists of six experienced Public Relation Specialists, who are qualified to alleviate your crisis. The seventh person in our office is the owner: all inquiries are responded to promptly. After you enroll, we will assign a PR Specialist to guide you through the reputation management process, and personally update you on our progress.  With internet defamation there are usually many different parties that play a role in the dissemination of the libelous speech.  There is the author – the person who actually wrote the defamatory words.  There is the internet service provider that hosts the defamation.  There may be other parties to the dissemination such as search engines and social networks.  Identifying the proper parties is crucial to attacking the problem.


Unfortunately for us, Google has morphed into an unregulated background aggregator, one for which there is no due process. This is the reason major corporations retain our services to protect the online presentation of their brand, and now we offer the same level of protection to small business owners and consumers alike.​


This remedy can be more difficult if the identity of a poster is anonymous or unknown.  Nevertheless, even this hurdle can usually be overcome through the discovery process and use of forensic Internet experts; however, I reserve discussion of this interesting and complex topic for another day.

It is crucial to understand the scope of the defamation.


How wide is the audience of the defamation?  Is it something that is available to a few people such as a private email, or is it something made available to thousands?

A few searches with the major search engines can usually determine how wide the defamation is. A search using the exact defamatory words can be done to determine if the defamatory words are repeated on different sites.


How deep is the defamation? How long has the defamation been around? Have the rumors taken hold? Are people talking about it? Are people coming to ask you if the defamation is true? Are people taking the defamatory allegations seriously or are they ignoring it?


Understanding the scope of the defamation is crucial to determining the best course of action.

These days the Internet can be a dangerous place for the reputations of individuals and businesses alike. In the words of Warren Buffet, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”

If you or your business is a victim of online libel, you are not powerless.  It is likely that options with a good probability of success may be employed to get the content removed from Internet or search engine results.


For many, Internet slander is a major problem; one that seems nearly impossible to avoid or overcome in any meaningful way. Even the cost and time of a slander lawsuit will reap little-to-no reward in terms of removing the post or mitigating any harm. Once the suit is over, the damage to one’s reputation has probably already been done.


As experts in negative information removal, we understand what it takes to remove Internet slander. With a vast array of removal and suppression resources and expertise at our disposal, we are equipped to process nearly any online slander removal request, and to do so in a fast and discreet fashion.We work for you and will do whatever has to be done to protect your online privacy. Our investigators and attorneys are on retainer for your unique situation, and you will have the peace of mind knowing we will work around the clock to protect our clients. Stop wasting precious time out of your life researching each website that appears in your search results – retain RemoveSlander. com today and go enjoy life.


Proving that the defamation was published is very important. Unfortunately this is often overlooked.  The defamation may be removed but you may still be entitled to sue for damages that you have suffered.


It is highly recommended that an independent person capture the evidence. If this is not possible then the victim should preserve the evidence.


It is important to screenshot and print all the postings, search engine results, and any other pages that could be relevant. Do not forget to including evidence that confirms the identity of the poster.  If you are unsure if it is relevant then it does not hurt to include it.

Pages should be printed and saved in electronic form, as sometimes the printout is different from the screen display.  Ideally, the independent party should then swear an affidavit/statutory declaration that he printed and saved the evidence.  A copy of the printouts and a dvd disk of the electronic evidence should be attached to the affidavit.  A screen video of the evidence is also helpful.


Internet slander is a serious problem that can have enormous consequences for you, your business and your online brand well into the future. Our removal professionals work fast to ensure you are protected as quickly as possible.