Most businesses and professionals defamed on the internet needs  the false content removed as soon as possible .


Fortunately, there are a number of ways to obtain removal, and has developed a few takedown solutions  in regards . 


We kindly invite you to email us , our team will check the links to be removed and will get back to you with removal solutions and timetables .


Websites and other entities will not delete content just because a party alleges a post is false , so take into consideration that  extremely aggressive steps needs to be taken against them , in order to guarantee a removal .


Maybe some websites will, however, remove content declared false by a court, even though court orders are typically against the actual posters of the content and not the websites themselves.


Most newspaper articles will remain on the web and in search results indefinitely. This is usually due to one of three reasons:

  • News sites and journalists are under no obligation to remove news items from the internet unless it is proven the offending information is misleading, unverified, false or libelous.


  • News publications and blog platforms have little reason to remove a bad news article if that item is getting views, which often translates into ad revenues for the publisher.  

  • News articles are often shared and reposted on other sites across the web, meaning even if the post is removed by the original website, it’s likely still out there.


What’s more: each news and blog site have their own strict, step-by-step process and criteria for requesting the removal of a bad online article. This can make removing even the most salacious or unfounded of negative news articles nearly impossible.


Court ordered removal involves obtaining a judgment against the poster of defamatory content online and then presenting the court order to the websites on which the false content is appearing.


How do I get a news article removed from the internet?

In most cases, getting a news article removed from Google is extremely difficult. This is largely because publications have little-to-no incentive to remove a harmful item unless it’s shown to contain false information or to be in violation of your privacy. 


Obtaining a court order does involve filing an actual lawsuit with legitimate claims , and it’s a long and complicated process .


We suggest you to contact us for a free and confidential consultation , we will show you how removes negative information from the Internet.


Negative news items and blogs appearing on Google’s first page search results can have a significant and damaging impact on your online reputation.


Local and national news sites tend to have high domain authority in Google search, meaning negative news articles featuring your name are likely to rank highly in SERPS, have greater visibility and receive more traffic than other items making up your digital footprint.


To learn how to push down negative search results in Google, it’s important to understand why results rank in the first place. Getting to know why certain results rank over others and why your name pops up for specific search phrases helps determine how much time, effort and resources it will take to bury bad Google results and boost positive content.


There are a variety of reasons content ranks on search engine results pages (SERPs), but the most impactful tend to be:


  • Content quality (how well content is written, displayed and addresses search queries)

  • How relevant the content/result is to the search query

  • How many visitors view that content regularly (site traffic) 

  • The number and quality of backlinks directing visitors to that content


Knowing what affects search ranking may help improve your understanding of why some results perform better than others, as well as to provide a clearer idea of why bad content is

showing up during searches of your name. 


But learning how to use that insight to push down negative search results in Google and build an online resume that strengthens your personal brand is something else altogether.