How to Remove public records from Google search results

How to Remove public records from Google search results and from the Internet



When negative information like embarrassing public records can be found easily on Google , when searching your name , it’s time to clean up your online reputation . 


Regardless of the legal outcome of the case, the court record of your involvement in the court case is public record and can chase your reputation around for years, if not a lifetime if you do not do something about it.


Dozens of data-aggregate sites are collecting and publishing public court records on the Web, only to publish that data in ways that greatly increase is easier to read and search.


Court records create a negative association with whomever they’re tied to. If you’ve ever been involved in a court case, no matter how many years ago, your online reputation could be suffering every day it exists online. Court records can be removed from the internet and we can restore your privacy and protect you and your family’s reputation. has developed advanced removal solutions for all major public records webpages , including court records , court judgements , arrest records , bankruptcy records and more .


Feel free to contact us and we will show you how your negative search results disappear .


Public records are nothing new, however, the amount of accessibility and volume of knowledge aggregators online present modern issues.

In the past, a person would physically visit an office and/or submit a proper request to access this sort of knowledge.


In all chance there would be multiple offices, buildings and requests concerned.


Online “personal info brokerages” of these days, take away all of the bureaucratic procedure and legwork accustomed to producing a natural barrier. Currently, with the press of a button, anyone will access all of this information instantly without leaving home.


This is what typically makes individuals most uncomfortable. It’s additionally what makes understanding the way to take away public records off the internet.


These days just about everything that ends up in front of a judge ends up online.  Documentation from court cases (often in PDF format) is now published by local, state and federal government websites.  These PDFs are then republished by court reporting and public records websites such as and DocketAlarm.

Public records reporting website that aggregates Bankruptcy records collected from U.S. district bankruptcy courts across the United States.



A major attorney directory that is also home to hundreds of thousands of public court documents collected from Federal, State and District governments around the United States.



Court case notification system that publishes civil and business court documents online and charges for premium membership fees to browse complete dockets and court records.

A comprehensive U.S. court reporting site that republishes court documentation from a growing number of legal categories.