Whether you are a business, brand, or individual, it is essential to know how to remove negative content and feedback from search results in order to maintain or restore your good reputation online. 


When negative content shows up about you or your business online, the effects can be catastrophic to your online reputation score. Whether it is something as simple as a grammatically incorrect post made in the comments section of a blog, or a news article that connects you to a crime, you will want to remove negative content before it leads to a reputation crisis and a false representation of your brand.

Common unwanted and negative results appearing in search engines that may provide false or inaccurate information include:

  • -Online Reviews

  • -Complaints

  • -Legal Issues

  • -News Stories


If you are looking to remove negative results and content that are damaging to your reputation, consider these three basic removal steps to take back control of your online reputation:


Reach out to the Content Owner


Many times, the website that hosts content about you does so with no malicious intent. It might be a comment on a blog post that you wish you hadn’t made, or a writing sample you posted online years ago that reflects poorly on your current skills. In that case, contact the content owner and ask them to remove it from their website. The webmaster will be more inclined to help if you are honest about why you want to remove the negative content, and how it hurts your online reputation. Once it is taken down it will de-index from Google within a few weeks. To speed up the process, you can use Google’s URL removal tool to inform Google that the content of the site has changed.


If the content owner does not want to remove  negative content, or you do not feel comfortable asking them to do so, then you should practice personal online reputation management instead. The most effective way to do so is to create positive content for yourself that suppresses the negative content down in search results and off the first page of Google. This can include social media accounts, websites, blogs, press releases, business listings, videos, and beyond. Make sure that the content presents you in a positive light so it helps improve your online reputation, making a great first impression for your target audience and online users.


Gaining back control of your online image begins with a reputation management consultation with a dedicated Reputation911 team member. An account manager will analyze your current online image, identify threats and unwanted information within your search results, and develop a customized strategy to restore, promote and protect your personal brand.


Business Reputation Management is a process of constantly monitoring and managing your company’s online presence so that your business is perceived in an accurate and positive light, allowing you to gain new customers and stand out against competitors.


Our engineering team will then work to remove any unwanted links from your personal search term results on popular search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Most information posted to the web is permanent and cannot be taken down easily. Under these circumstances, we move to the next best solution of suppressing any undesired information linked to your name.


Reputation management for businesses is becoming increasingly important in a fast-paced environment where companies are constantly innovating, growing, and increasing competition. Running a business comes with a load of responsibilities. There is a lot to take care of and a business’s online image can often get neglected. However, a company’s online image is often what consumers first look to when considering a new product or service. With the internet so easily accessible through mobile devices, tablets, laptops and home computers, consumers are doing their research before they buy anything, from their next meal to a new vacation home. If your company is not ranking well in the search results, or a lot of negative information is showing up about your company, you are handing potential new customers right over to your competitors. Failing to effectively manage your online reputation will lead to losses in sales, positive press coverage, as well as hiring ability.


Creating and maintaining a positive online reputation is an ongoing, continuous process essential to the success of any business, both large and small.


Our investigative team will work to uncover any websites, articles, or blogs that are linking to unwanted search results. From there, our legal advisors will take over to demand the removal of any outdated, false, or misleading information.


Our Engineering Team and content writers will create and build out professional listings, personal websites, and social media sites with accurate, positive information that will give you instant credibility with peers and colleagues who are searching for you online.


Once your websites and social media accounts have been created, it is important to know how to best use each platform to promote your business brand. It is one thing to have a presence, but if you are engaging with your customers and sharing the correct information, you will see much greater results. Our experienced branding managers and content writers will work closely with your business to write accurate, search engine optimized articles, press releases, website landing pages and social media pages to build your online image and promote your business brand.


There are some key questions you really should be asking yourself in your content takedown request. Most sincerely, if your answer is “YES” to any of the questions below – you should CONTACT US and focus your energy elsewhere while attempting to improve your personal life or brand.


  • Is the owner of this content anonymous or spiteful?
    It would be extremely easy if you can just email someone and they would without delay remove online content that affects you one way or another. That would obviously be the best thing that could happen to anybody to resolve their issues with online content to be removed. There are a few known risks and troubles associated with taking this route. If you’re dealing with an anonymous or spiteful troll, then proceed with care. Asking this type of individual to remove online content may not go as planned. There's continually the threat that the owner may refuse to take the content material down… and may want to make the situation worse for you. Depending at what particular time you contact them regarding your negative online reputation. You could be dealing with a psychopath who has it in for you, there's a threat that this individual will decide to make it worse for you through becoming more active and retaliate against you more online. We've seen this type of issue happen time and time again, so it’s a clever idea to take a moment and examine the state of affairs. Sometimes it’s better left alone instead of contacting the site owner, and contact a content removal company

    Is the owner of this content a government or news website?

  • In case you’re dealing with a government site, it’s not likely that you’ll be capable of get documents which might be of public record removed. But, you ought to be able to do a lot of digging on the government website (or by calling them) to know if there are any strategies in place to protect your privacy. And in terms of dealing with a news website – if something is inaccurate, you may email them to write a correction or retraction. However, you can simply CONTACT US to take away the burden from you as its always better to have a content removal agency contact the site for you rather than take this on yourself. If managed incorrectly more articles could be written.


  • Does this negative content fall outside of the realm of the Right to Be Forgotten (EU) or Google’s takedown policy (US)?
    In that case, you are going to have the search engine de-index this result for your name. When it comes to this, you will have to push down the negative Google search result if you really do not want it to stop being an issue. We can assist you with your reputation management strategy so you do not have continual issues moving forward.


What needs to be pointed out is that no matter how hard you think it is or may be to remove online content that negatively affects your reputation or online presence, remember that there are reputable companies that remove personal information from the internet. So, don’t be threatened about the possible downsides of requesting content removal and contact a reliable company today. You can find a reliable company that can remove online contents easily and safely HERE