How remove bankruptcy from internet .How to remove bankruptcy public records from Google.

While the types of records that are considered public can vary due to state laws, they usually include:

  • Arrest records

  • Government contracts with businesses

  • Driver’s license information

  • Birth, marriage, and death records

  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings

  • Court files

  • Voter registration

  • Property ownership/tax information

  • Occupational licenses


These records often contain a great deal of personal information. However, once a record is public, there are few rules about what individuals or organizations can do with this data.Whether it's one of the websites mentioned above or a different publisher of court case records, there are measures that can be taken to get these records taken down.  Contact us using the form above to start removing unwanted information from from the internet today or ask a question about removing your public court records from the websites below.


Depending on which state you live in, the government can completely seal your public records under certain specific circumstances, such as when:


  • You are a victim of domestic violence or stalking

  • You have a juvenile arrest record for a minor crime

  • Your data contains information that might put public safety at risk


However, even if your situation doesn’t fall into the above categories, you still have options.  In most states, you can change certain types of personal data in your public records. You can also have other types of information redacted from the electronic versions of those records, and you can ask data brokers to remove your personal information from their indexes.


There are 1000s of websites that routinely collect information from court dockets and republish it in a unique, or not so unique way.  Of these, a handful or so standout as particularly problematic for the online reputations of the people and companies that are involved in, or simply just mentioned in any US court proceeding.  Below we've highlighted legal research court case websites that people regularly come to us wanting to remove or disassociate their name from.