How to Remove Negative Press off Google

How to Remove Bad Press from the Internet


Bad Press,  such as negative articles , negative forum comments , bankruptcy court records , can be removed permanently from Google and the Internet  . is the first and only online reputation management company that permanently removes negative search results from Google and the Web .


Bad Press must be removed from the Internet as soon as possible , before it will damage your online image forever .  Bad online reputation is like cancer , you need to cure it , as soon as you find out about it .  


Contact us , and we will show , on real time , how we delete negative press from the web, forever .


The most permanent way to delete something from Google is to completely erase it from the internet. If the original negative result doesn’t exist, then Google will remove it from its index and nobody will ever find it.


Although unlikely, sometimes it is possible to convince a site to take down defamatory content. If the website in question removes a negative article about you but it still appears in your Google search results, you can submit a request to remove outdated content here.


But be warned:That strategy will ONLY work if the original content was actually deleted. In other words, don’t try to fool Google.


Some firms claim they can completely remove unwanted search results in less than one month. They may even advertise a money back guarantee. Don’t fall for that line.

Online reputation management takes time, effort and SEO expertise. Firms that promise quick wins often rely upon legal scare tactics and short-term black hat SEO tricks that won’t last. And they certainly won’t be effective against major news outlets like the The New York Times or syndicated networks.


Want the truth?


It’s incredibly difficult to completely remove negative content from Google search. In fact, there are only a few rare instances in which that’s even possible. In almost every case, the only viable approach is to bury negative search results in Google where people won’t find them.


With the internet today it is very easy for anyone to post negative comments or negative posts on the internet. Getting rid of negative internet reports showing up in the search engine can be difficult for most people. The best way to fix your bad PR and get rid of negative information showing up in the search engines is to resolve the matter with whoever is making negative remarks about you on the net. Usually that doesn't work because when someone puts something bad about you on the internet they don't want to remove the negative remarks. That's where we come in and help to fix bad PR on the internet.


We help individuals:

  • Remove embarrassing pictures, photos, and videos from social networking sites, porn sites, and mug shot websites

  • Eliminate posts and other information from relationship infidelity websites, such as,, and

  • Remove damaging and false information from blogs, comment sections, message boards, and other forums

  • Eliminate unwanted material from smear and gossip sites like

  • Remove private and personal information from online public databases

  • Remove fake profiles on professional and social networking websites

  • Remove illegal and unwanted content from search engine indices


If you need some negative information removed from the internet search engine results listings then we might be able to help get rid of the bad stuff showing up about your business on the internet. We say might because that's exactly what is is....we MIGHT be able to help remove information. To find out more about getting help to remove bad information from the internet then submit the request form and let us know about your situation.


We'll have a look and evaluate it then we'll be in touch to let you know if we can get rid of the bad and bring on the good! If you don't get a service to help get rid of the negative things showing up on the internet especially if you're a business getting bad reports published on the internet then you could be losing sales every day.


People today look up companies on the internet and when bad things show up about businesses or people then business can be lost and personal problems can develop. If you're ready this then you probably know that bad things about you on the internet can be devastating. Make it stop and let us fix your bad PR. You've nothing to lose and everything to gain. If we don't deliver then you won't have paid. Done deal win win. One time price and we'll both be happy. Best get going to have someone help remove it and fix your bad PR.


We help businesses:

  • Remove information from consumer complaint sites like,, and

  • Remove false and damaging reviews from rating websites like,,, and

  • Remove confidential or proprietary information obtained illegally or placed online without authorization

  • Shut down websites that are selling counterfeit products and infringing on intellectual property and branding rights, such as trademarks, copyrights, and trade dress)