We can delete or remove negative content from a number of websites. When we can accomplish this, it means that the negative content will be removed completely and will no longer appear on the website, or in search engines. This process typically takes 2-4 weeks and is backed up by our Service Guarantee.


Combating negative content is often the focus of many of our clients. It can be that a single post is having a large impact on public perceptions of your company, as well as on your sales. While removing the negative content can be beneficial, another way to address the problem is to focus on PR. PR, or Public Relations, is a way to promote your company to the public in a positive light. Quite often negative content has a higher impact when there is no other side to the story. By promoting your company to major publications, and getting the word out to local and online media sources, you can change the way your company is viewed.


To protect and defend those who have been negatively impacted online, restore their confidence and online image while maintaining the highest standards of values and ethics.


To be the world leader in online image strategy, by employing innovative solutions while embracing the highest standards of integrity to help businesses and individuals reclaim their reputation.Don't let negative content affect your professional and personal life. Take control today.


Your personal search results are your online calling card; they define what opinion people form of you within seconds. Clients, associates, prospective business partners, employees and your network are measuring you against what appears online. You can’t ignore it as it will only get worse over time. Act now to make sure people form the right opinion of you and are not misled by negative content.

By creating a framework of relevant content hosted on new and established assets, ReputationDefender will promote material which will limit the coverage and visibility of any harmful information.


Our Values


  • Operate Professionally – We honor a belief that everyone is treated respectfully.

  • Bolster Innovation – We explore unchartered territory in developing new digital strategies.

  • Function Tactfully – We protect our clients confidentiality.

  • Strong Ethics – We adhere to a strong moral code and doing what’s right.


Social media accounts tend to rank high on search engines because they’re consistently popular among internet users. By creating and managing your own social media accounts – under your personal name or that of your business, depending on your focus – you can start filling the front page of Google with content you control.

This allows you to begin pushing negative search results off the first page in a process known as suppression. Because over 75% of people will never look past the front page of search results, the visibility of negative items is reduced significantly if you push it to page two. Page three is an even safer bet.


Most people fail to figure out the acute reason behind coming across a reputation crisis or a bad reputation. Although the reputation crisis has three different stages where you’ll get the warning at the first stage.

Still, the majority of businesses fail to figure out the exact reasons. So, let’s take a look,

  • Ignoring Social Media

Social media owns the largest percentage of the audience sitting there to get information.

So, if you think you can reach out to the global people without using social media, you should rethink it again.

A customer searches a product online, read the social reviews, ratings, visit your website before he places the order or uses your services.


Through your new social media accounts, you’ll be ready to comment and actively participate in conversations to get your name on more sources. This creates more search results for Google to pull from and can help suppress negative search results so they’re off the front page.


Following your personal branding – if you don’t have a personal brand, now’s the time to make one – make your presence active by interacting with others online. This will help you get publicity and help your branded voice appear across the web.


As a rule, every comment or online interaction should be intelligent, grammatically-correct, and spell-checked. This lowers the risk of your created content contributing to your negative reputation instead of helping you get rid of it. If you’re emotional about a topic, either don’t reply or wait 24 hours to revisit what you’re saying so you can be sure it’s posted from a clear mind.


Finally, remember that anything you post online can be immortalized, so you don’t want to argue with or insult anyone, no matter how incorrect they are. 


Are you creating content just for the sake of generating traffic?

If yes, then probably you also have been suffering the effect of such conduct.

Research says people visit the information provided by the company and its quality before pinging to its salesperson. That’s why a brand reputation management firm never compromise on its content quality.

If you’ve been publishing poor quality contents that have no relevancy to current trends, in-depth information, and result-oriented solution, then your content doesn’t worth a share.


This results in a poor reputation over time for your company.


Once you hit by a reputation crisis, your brand’s value decrease, your revenue generation process becomes stagnant, and many more losses you’ve to bear.


The scenario sometimes becomes so complicated that to rebuild reputation might sound like a pipe dream to you.But, the reputation recovery plan makes it attainable. So, let’s take a look at how you’ll get your good reputation back.


  • Recognize the Reputation Crisis

What implies that you’ve hit a reputation crisis?

The majority of people don’t even realize when they’ve hit a reputation crisis and continuously make their reputation irreparable at a point.

If you frequently keep track of your company’s revenue, traffic generation, monthly visitors, etc., then the acute crisis is clearly visible as it impacts the major areas and stops your business growth.

However, a reputation management agency can help you recognize the crisis too.


  • Recognize the Concluding Point of a Reputation Crisis

Do you know, when the reputation crisis ends?

The factors to determine the endpoint of the reputation crisis depend on the crisis’s nature.

If the crisis is the effect of a third-party catalyst, then the recovery plan will take less time. If the crisis is the result of your disorganized reputation management planning, then the recovery will take a bit more time.


  • Start Communicating

Communication still plays a key role in rebuilding your reputation.

The reason behind you hit a reputation crisis is that you’ve never built a strong connection with your users.

So, to get your reputation back, it’s important to start building a strong bond with your clients and communication is the only key here.

Apologize for your mistakes and reframe all the negative searches on you.


So, if you’ve hit by a reputation crisis, there are two options for you to consider, these are,


  • Rebuild reputation and come back to the game with more power.

  • Let your reputation be as it is and you keep suffering.

  • The last option is not an option for you as you’ve built your business with your sweat and labor, sleepless nights, days of continuous work. So, you can’t make someone disfigured you by tapping some words on a keyboard.