In order to remove news articles from the internet, there is only one way : take them down !  


If you think that creating positive content about yourself to suppress the negative news article is very crucial , you are making a huge mistake .


It is an effective way to improve your search engine results and control your image on the internet , but  when negative news is published about you or your business you need to remove them permanently .


It is important to note that trying to remove old newspaper articles from the internet , in a legal way ,  is difficult, as contacting Google leads to an auto reply that directs you to the webmaster. And that’s where it gets difficult. 


Getting in touch with the webmaster of the news sites you want to remove an article from can be overwhelming (especially when your name is mentioned in more than one articles or by numerous sites).


So how do you remove negative news article about your company from the Internet?


We suggest you to contact us for a free and confidential consultation , we will analyze the links you wish to remove and get back to you with professional removal solutions .


Trying To On Remove Negative News From The Internet ?


If you are interested to remove newspaper articles from online sources that say negative things about you, there are several things to evaluate before proceeding .


  • How long has the article been online, and is it outdated already?

  • Is your personal information in the article (such as financial records, social security information, or data on minors)?

  • Is copyrighted material published within the article?

  • Who published the article?

  • Are there defamatory or derogatory comments in the article?

  • Is the article inaccurate or unfair?



Remove a Newspaper Article That is Extremely Negative , From Your Google Search Results ?


What must happen for you to be able to remove negative press releases about your business from Google search pages, and/or the Internet as well?


We Can Help You Remove Negative News Articles from Online Sources developed highly advanced solutions to help you remove this kind of internet information, thus protecting your online reputation. created sophisticated technological strategies to address this exact issue.


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Note that when proving the third element of defamation, depending on whether a plaintiff is a private or public figure, they will have different burdens in proving the intent the defendant acted with.


  • Private individual: Private individuals have not availed themselves to a public life, therefore when defamatory statements are made about them and published online, it is an extreme invasion of their privacy. Therefore, private individuals are only required to prove the defendant acted negligently when making or publishing the statement. Private individuals should not have to jump through countless hoops to bring a claim after being defamed online.

  • Public official: Public officials have taken the risk that acting as a public figure, they will be discussed about – in furtherance of politics, social policy, and the overall public’s right to stay informed. When bringing a claim for defamation, the standard is a bit tougher for public officials, and they are required to prove the defendant acted with actual malice, or reckless disregard.


An important note when dealing with online defamation – it can take many forms. Even video and audio recordings on the Internet (two forms of defamation becoming increasingly popular), remarks made in a podcast, Youtube, or other recordings can all be considered defamation – and most correctly defined as libel.


Keep in mind that no matter the medium it is conveyed in online, as long as it is a published false statement or accusation, it will amount to defamation – libel or slander.