How to Remove Arrest Records and Mugshots From the Internet .

When you’re trying to restore your online reputation, only the best, most aggressive strategies will do. We deliver tried and tested services designed to address a broad spectrum of reputation problems. Here is a rundown of the services we provide.


You might think that internet reputation management services are exclusively for businesses who have been the victim of devastatingly malicious smear campaigns, or have endured some massive international scandal.

You’d be wrong!


Online reputation repair isn’t just for individuals and organizations who have undergone some spectacularly unfortunate period of bad publicity. Reputation repair services can help an organization with no appreciable problems cultivate the kind of search engine presence that extends its reach in an efficient, controllable, and steady way.


The key to effective online reputation management is diligence. Because negative listings aren’t directly removed, it is imperative that you build a solid foundation of positive and captivating content; content that effectively pushes negative search engine results down to the second or third page of search engine results. At, we provide that content.


We craft informative content that grabs users’ attention, delivers useful and valuable information, and puts your business in the very best light.


The content we provide includes:


  • Press Releases. We have built strong relationships with the most respected newswire organizations in the U.S., including PR Newswire, PRLog, and eZine. Our team of content developers and writers consistently create highly informative and news-worthy articles delineating your organization’s achievements.

  • Blog Posts. Our network of web content writers are skilled in writing blog posts on a variety of subjects, using a diverse range of voices—from casual and conversational to professional/technical. These posts, which are published on your specially-developed microsites, integrate appropriate keywords and keyphrases that help you develop a new and active online following. This not only succeeds in pushing negative content to the bottom of the rankings, but opens your organization up to a legion of new customers.

  • Social Media Posts. Whether you already have a network of social media pages that you haven’t yet effectively managed, or if you want to create new pages on different channels, we can help you maintain your social media presence efficiently and proactively. We can help you schedule informative and keyword-optimized posts at regular intervals, ensuring your consistent social media presence and active engagement.


We help you to ensure progress by consistently monitoring and analyzing the development of your campaign.


We use or proprietary technology to:


  • Keep track of your review and social comment trends, thereby helping you to develop strategies based upon new information.

  • Set up notifications that alert you to any negative reviews or content that might appear on forums, review sites, or social media. This allows you to address online threats directly, and possibly resolve complaints without letting them linger online.

  • Compose regular reports, helping you to stay on track of your campaign goals, measure the overarching progress of your campaign across locations, and manage your team’s contributions to your reputation restoration.


The quality of your organization’s reputation is relative to that of your competitors’, so we work to give you valuable insight on how other businesses in your industry are perceived by consumers.


We offer you the tools that allow you to:


  • Assess the reputation/reviews of your direct competition, so that you have an idea of consumer expectation, as well as how you can possibly surpass your competitors in terms of excellence of service.

  • Set incremental goals. Aim to reach and then overtake your competitors’ rating on review sites.


To learn more about our comprehensive series of reputation management services, please contact us. We are more that happy to answer any questions you might have.


Should You Pay to Erase Your Mug Shot from the Internet?


On the surface, that might seem like a valuable community service, but an arrest doesn’t equal a conviction. You could end up never being charged with a crime, or your case could be dropped. Nevertheless, your published mug shot could be enough to cost you your job or reputation, your name wrongly besmirched. In such a case, should you pay to erase your mug shot from the internet?



The Business of Mugshots


A business often described as shady or distasteful exists to profit off people’s misfortune. Once a mug shot becomes public record, any number of for-profit websites grab the photos and post them for public view. Even local newspapers generate traffic by publishing photos on their websites. 



A simple Google search of a person’s name may return links to these mugshot sites along with the image appearing at the top of the results. Even if the person wasn’t charged with a crime, was found not guilty, or had his or her records sealed, the images still appear.


Not That Simple


The problem is much larger than a single website. Because mug shot images are uploaded to a searchable database, there’s no limit on how many websites could publish the image. This problem gave birth to a complementary business that some critics say might be as shady as the sites that publish the mug shots.



Instead of contacting the sites directly, you can simply pay one company to remove the images for you. Sites such as and offer the service. In the case of EraseMugshots, it claims that its service is 100% guaranteed, and if any of the sites repost the mugshot, EraseMugshots will have it removed free of charge. In one case the company claimed that removing the image from 15 sites could be done within 7 days for a cost of $1,799.



Is It Worth It?


It depends on whom you ask and which sites you use. Some will do what they advertise; others won’t. “For the most part the third-party sites are a waste," said criminal defense attorney Jordan Ostroff. "They will send letters to the other sites and maybe follow up here or there, but it’s really [up to] the main sites that post the pictures to do something about it or not.” He added that paying the fee to the actual site to remove the mug shot is the most reliable way rather than using a third-party service: “The way for that [mug shot website] to make money is to take the payment and take the photo down, whereas the third-party companies just have to [make] a good [try] for you.”


What If the Case Was Sealed?


If the case was sealed or expunged, you might be able to have the image removed free of charge. New York criminal lawyer Todd Spodek says, “[In New York] if you have a court order sealing the file, including mug shots, and present it to the actual website, they will have to take it down or face legal repercussions.… With the case sealed or expunged, it’s tough for anyone to follow up and confirm the arrest.” Ostroff advises, “I am not sure how much faith an employer or potential employer would put into finding a random site with a photo of an employee but having a clean background check come back for that employee.”




Most experts use terms like “extortion” to describe these sites, but the practice isn’t illegal. In fact, there’s evidence to suggest that some of the removal websites work with the posting websites or, in some cases, may actually be the same company. partners with to remove the entries on its site at a cost of $399 each, for example. 


In most cases paying the fee will result in removal of the image, but that doesn’t guarantee that it is gone from the Internet forever. Anything posted to the Internet is available somewhere. It becomes a matter of personal choice whether you want to continue paying the fees should the image resurface, but paying to solve what is plainly visible will likely work.