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Having your name published in a criminal case can be a stressful and harmful event. Many people are overwhelmed and at a loss, not knowing what to do. If your name has been mentioned in a criminal arrest or conviction, don’t fret. There are options available, although most people are unaware that these services exist. The best steps to take to repair your online reputation depend on the individual and their personal needs. Depending on the nature of the crime, the timeline since the arrest/publication, and the extent of the media coverage there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. 

If your arrest information or mugshot photo appear online then you know how embarrassing it can be and are probably in dire need of a solution to get this sensitive information off the web and out of the public eye.  Unfortunately getting your arrest mugshots and criminal records off the internet can be a time-staking process that may or may not prove successful without the help of a company that has processes in place to remove mugshots and arrest info from the internet.

As of 2020, most online reputation management companies are no longer offering services that include full removal of mugshots and arrest records from the internet.  Of course, a few ORM firms still do remove records from mugshot websites.  

If you were ever arrested in the United States, odds are your mugshot and other criminal history records are appearing on search engines online. Discover how to triumphantly remove this sensitive information from the internet with the help of a reputation management company such as NetReputation, or by trying to do it yourself. 


Our years of practice in changing and reconstructing Google search results will leave you with no questions left regarding how to remove past records, after reading this article. So stay tuned and get ready to remove your arrest records and relieve yourself from the past.


Every day thousands of people are unlawfully arrested. Or better yet, their allegations and charges might have gotten abandoned almost instantaneously.  However, these individuals are still struggling with their pesky mugshot(s) online. In case you didn’t know, 9/10 mugshots rank on the first page of Google!


Possessing a mugshot online can be extremely harmful not only for your career but for your life in general. You can rule out finding a more desirable career path, purchasing a new house or dating online. 


Everyone races to Google to find solutions for all of their issues. Our job here is to ensure that your data is up-to-date, relevant, and most importantly, positive. This gives you another opportunity to achieve things without your past public records holding you back.

Is Your reputation being trashed online?

How to take control of your reputation in organic search and also increase traffic and sales to your business in one go!  Online reputation management (ORM) will help you make negative mentions about your business disappear. Is it fair that one disappointed customer or a single net-troll, should be allowed to destroy your business?

So, what is online reputation management?

Managing your online reputation is to take control over the information people can find about you online. When people Google your company, any bad mentions will make them loose trust in you. Lost trust means lost business for you.  Therefore, we have made a list over do’s and don’ts to repair your digital reputation:

How to control your online reputation management

1.Search results are generated by an algorithm. Your online reputation is determined by complex calculations made automatically by an algorithm. Search engines and social media sites will guess what people will find interesting about you. If the bad stuff appears first, it means that you must make something else seam more important to the algorithm. If you don’t know how, we can help you. Fill in the form above to see how!

2.Popular not accurate. The algorithm has no clue what is accurate information about you. Therefore, popularity becomes the main measuring point. That’s the reason embarrassing party photos, crazy lawsuits that was dismissed years ago, or other types of irrelevant but fascinating “click bait” often dominate your online reputation.

3.Do not click! It’s tempting to visit the negative pages in your search results repeatedly. Don’t. This will inform the search engines that the page you are looking at is popular and relevant. This again will drive it up in the results. So, do not visit the site. Don’t tell your friends about it, because they will check it out. And for the love of all that is beautiful, DO NOT LINK IT on any social media. This will drive the ranks thru the roof.

4.Don’t engage with the trolls. If someone writes something unflattering about you, do not engage with them. Don’t start a debate, don’t write about them in online forums. All this does is send more attention to the issue you don’t want to be seen. The best weapon against detractors is total silence.

5.Tell your story. You can only promote the stuff that you control yourself. Meaning you need a solid base of positive, accurate content to improve your online reputation. Start a blog, post YouTube videos, create positive things for the algorithm to find. You may need an SEO company to make your stuff rank high in online searches. We can help you with that.

6.Social media. Use social media. Linkedin, facebook, twitter, etc. Social media sites often rank high in search results. And the best part is that you control all the content.

7.Online, everything lasts forever. Anything posted online, is there forever. You might be lucky and a site may disappear, but don’t count on it. The best you can do to make stuff disappear is to flood the search results with positive stuff about yourself.

8.Don’t make mistakes. This sounds a bit harsh, but if you don’t know what you are doing, you can easily make things a lot worse. If you are in any doubt on how to handle your online reputation, contact us and we will help you get started with your online reputation management.